If you manage an e-commerce business than you know the importance of choosing the proper mail courier.

Choosing the correct courier is not just a search for the right supplier. It’s about identifying a serious ally that will help you deliver the best value and service to your customers.

The right courier will satisfy your customers with the best quality, speed, and cost effective services.


Parcel Force vs UK Mail 


Here at ShippyPro, we want to help you in your search for that perfect carrier.

Today we will be analyzing Parcel Force and UK Mail.

Both Parcel Force and UK Mail are based in The United Kingdom, playing key rolls in the UK market. They also effectively serve the international market as well.

In this article we will be analyzing Parcel Force and UK Mail’s National US services, National UK services, European, and international services.

Parcel Force vs UK Mail: National US Shipments


Neither Parcel Force nor UK Mail provide services to the United States. So we will be skipping this section.


Parcel Force vs UK Mail


Parcel Force vs UK Mail: National UK Shipments

This table compares Parcel Force and UK Mail’s domestic services throughout the UK.


Parcel Force  UK Mail  
ServiceDelivery TimeCostServiceDelivery TimeCost
Next Morning Express 9Next business day by 9:00 amPre 9:00 amNext business day by 9:00 am
Next Morning Express 10Next business day by 10:00 amNext DayBy end of next business day
Next Morning Express AMNext business day by 12:00 pmSaturday DeliveryBy end of next possible Saturday
Next Day Express 24By end of next business dayFlexible OptionBy end of 3-5 business days
Two Day Express 48By end of next 2 business days
Large Parcel Express 48By end of next 2 business days
Ireland ExpressBy end of next business day



Parcel force services can fall into the more expensive category but they are very reliable and offer a wide selection of services in the UK. These services can be separated into next day, two day, and Ireland services.

Next Morning Express 9, Next Morning Express 10Next Morning Express AMNext Day Express 24 all offer delivery the next business day with arrival times at 9:00 am, 10:00 am, 12:00 pm and by the end of the day respectively.

Two Day Express48 and Large Parcel Express48, offer delivery by the end of two business days. The weight of the parcel for Two Day Express48 is limited to 3okg. However, Large Parcel Express48 will take as many individual 30kg as you could ever want.

Their Ireland Express service will complete a special delivery to Northern Ireland to the Republic of Ireland by the end of the next business day.

UK Mail offers very reasonably priced next day delivery options to the UK. But also offers more economic options if time is not as important of a factor. UK Mail provides special value in that they offer many services that will deliver on Saturdays, a service that is rather unique in the shipping industry.

Pre 9:00 am offers delivery by 9:00 am the next possible business day Monday though Saturday. At a reasonable price and next day delivery, this is one of UK Mail’s most popular options.

UK Mail’s Next Day delivery service promises delivery by the end of the next business day. This is available Monday through Saturday and is rather close in price to the Pre 9:00 am service.

There is also a special Saturday Service for parcels that are intended to arrive ahead of time on a Saturday. This is beneficial because you are able to selectively pay only for the Saturday service without paying for the expedited delivery.

UK Mail’s Flexible Option is their most economic shipping service in the UK. Delivery is guaranteed by the end of 3-5 business days. This service is only available Monday through Friday but is the best option in terms of cost.



Parcel Force vs UK Mail: Europe

Parcel Force does not have Europe specific services, they fall into the category of international services. UK Mail offers a single European specific service, Road Express.

Road Express aims for delivery by the end of the day in 2-6 business days. At a fair price point and reasonable delivery time, this option is vary popular in the European market.



Parcel Force vs UK Mail


Parcel Force vs UK Mail: International


The table below lists the international shipping services provided by Parcel Force and UK Mail.



Parcel Force  UK Mail  
ServiceDelivery TimeCostServiceDelivery TimeCost
Global ExpressBy the end of next business day for Europe, USA, and Canada. 2 business days for the rest of the world.Air ExpressBy end of 6-10 business days
Global PriorityEnd of 3 business days to Europe and major destinations worldwide
Global ValueBy end of 5-8 working days worldwide
Global Economy28-46 business days worldwide (not available to Europe destinations)
HM ForcesDelivery varies based on station



Parcel Force’s services can be broken down into premium expedited delivery time services, slower but more economic options, and their special HM Forces service.

Parcel Force’s Global Express service is at the top of the market when it comes to expedited international shipping services. This service guarantees delivery by the end of the next business day in Europe, USA, and Canada. For the rest of the world, delivery time is around 2 days, which is still very fast for international shipping. Of course this service will cost a significant amount, but you definitely get what you pay for.

At a slightly lower price point Global Priority delivers the parcel in 3 business days to all European and major destinations worldwide. While still expensive, this service does offer a slightly more affordable expedited shipping option. 

 Global Value provides a nice middle ground between premium services and economic options. Delivery ranges from 5-8 working days worldwide, which is still very fast, but far less expensive than the previous two options. This middle ground makes the Global Value service very popular in the international market space. 

At the far end of the economic spectrum is the Global Economy option. A significantly slower delivery time of 28-46 business days worldwide (not available to Europe destinations) is matched with a significantly lower price. This options is perfect if time is not important in the arrival of the parcel.

Parcel Force also offers a special international service for HM Forces. This service is heavily discounted in order to keep service mean and women connected globally. Delivery times vary based on the destination, but it is often very expedited.

UK Mail’s only international option is their Air Express service. Like Road Express This service aims for delivery by the end of the day in 6-10 business days. Like its European counterpart, it is a very popular delivery service.


Parcel Force vs UK Mail


Parcel Force vs UK Mail: Additional Services for E-commerce


Parcel Force offers many additional services catering specifically to businesses and their customers.

Business Convenient Collect the parcel can be picked up the next business day after the parcel is dropped off at a Post Office in the UK. This is a very economic option as the package can be picked up as late as 10:00 pm, providing both convince and savings for the customer.

Business Express Collect similarly offers parcel pick up the next business day at a post office in the UK. The difference is that this service offers pickup as early as 8:00 am, resulting in a  slightly higher price point.

Business Express Exchange takes care of the parcel exchange process with ease and low costs. This service handles collection and delivery in one single transaction. Delivery speed options range from 10:00 am, 12:00 pm, and 24 hour exchanges are available.

UK Pallet is specially set up for large and heavy shipments. This service delivers pallets to every area code in the UK. Different delivery times are met with different prices. The delivery times range 12:00 pm the next business day, end of the next business day, or by the end of two business days. Pallet can weigh up to 1000kg total, serving very heavy shipments. Compensation is also offered in line with Road Haulage Association (£1.30 per kilo).

For even larger deliveries theres Business Global Bulk. This service can handle pallets weighing up to 1,200kg, serving even the largest shipments. Delivery times vary, but collection starts usually the day of booking. CMR compensation is also included.

For large quantity shipments, Business Global Direct is a great solution for businesses. The requirements for this service are the sender must send a minimum of 40 parcels per country. With this service, Parcel Force can deliver a large quantity of parcels  to all major European destinations, in 3 working days. Individual parcels can weigh up to 30kg with compensation up to £25 per parcel, that is included in the price. While this service is very expensive, in the long run businesses save a lot of money by using this bulk shipping option.

UK Mail offer a Print Logistics additional service specially serving the print and promotions industry. This service specially manages POS stock, secures storage of POS and call-off facilities, collation, fulfillment, packing and wrapping, labeling and data management support.




Parcel Force vs UK Mail: Reviews and Considerations


We at ShippyPro operate in the e-commerce sector, especially in the field of online shipments. We are in daily contact with many domestic and international couriers.

Evaluating all the work of a courier is not an easy task.

The one perfect courier does not exist, however, there are certain couriers that are more suited for the needs of your business.

In this article we have introduced the main services of both Parcel Force and UK Mail, are used heavily at a national UK level.

We want to help you choose the ideal logistics partner for your needs, but there are other considerations we need to look at.

To do this, we will show you the only meter of transparent judgment we have; the reviews of our customers who use Parcel Force and UK Mail daily to ship domestically and around the globe.

Below are the total reviews of the two couriers formed on the basis of daily feedback from our customers.


Parcel Force vs UK Mail

Parcel Force vs UK Mail: Who do we choose to ship?


At this point you understand how difficult it is to determine which courier is better than another.

It is well known that some carriers work better in some areas than others.

Now, considering that your goal is to provide the best customer service, there is nothing better than trying to enter into a contract with not one, but multiple couriers.

This way you will be able to offer excellent service in every area and every category of product.

Don’t limit yourself to a single shipping service provider

Instead, look to choose different couriers, each for a specific scope, significantly reducing asset management costs.

In fact, each freight forwarder charges very different tariffs in relation to the weight, size, and destination of the goods.

Compare and choose the best carriers for any type of shipping you make!

Comparing all these carriers is a time-consuming process, but there are services for managing the various shippers that can help.

The best way to manage this important decision is to choose a software that automatically compares the prices of different vendors and / or allows you to set shipping rules, saving you time and money.




Parcel Force vs UK Mail