When you receive an order, there are several required steps to prepare the shipment. Order fulfillment is a slow and tedious process: find out how to make it faster by generating shipping labels in bulk!


How you manage your orders today

  1. Receiving the order

This is the most important part: the one in which the attracted user decides to prefer your product to the competitors and clicks on the “buy” button on your store online. Once the user places the order, you are notified about it and the order will appear in the order list in the backend of your e-commerce platform.

  1. Prepare for boxing

This step refers to the time you decide to process all of your orders received that day (or the day before) which must then be prepared for shipment. Usually, the collection step is done every morning and it includes all orders, which took place the day before on the online store.

  1. Prepare the parcel

The product selected by the customer is taken from the warehouse, inserted in a box of the right dimension adding eventual protections and anti-shock packaging material. The invoice is usually put inside the box.

  1. Print shipping labels

A shipping label is a document used by the courier to deliver the parcel containing all the necessary information to carry out the delivery: consignee name, address of destination, nature, weight, quantity of parcels to transport, information and notes to take into account for delivery. The parcel must be prepared by reporting all correct data of the costumer and it must be properly printed in the right format to avoid any loss.

How much do all these activities cost?

Each single parcel could take 15 minutes to prepare if all of the information is not comprehensively managed and if you do not use any tools to automate the process. Multiply the number of orders per day (10, 100, 1000?) and you will understand why you need X people for Y hours to work on your e-commerce shipment preparation. Any mistakes and inaccuracies, which are normal and frequent when manually managing those activities, may cause further time and cost dilation. Think for example of all packaging mistakes (by whom? The warehouse says that those who printed the labels messed up, and vice-versa): it will cost you in terms of shipping, returning the product, time dedicated to reprocess the order  and to customer care, reputation.


Print several shipping labels in bulk


How can you better manage order fulfillment by printing shipping labels in bulk?

The step including preparation and dispatch of the shipment is highly strategic for several well-defined reasons:

  • Speed

The more the preparation process of shipment is managed quickly, the faster the customer will receive his order. The time elapsing between placing an order and receiving it, is an important strategic variable in defining the purchase and usage choices of potential customers. Indeed, users want to receive the products as soon as possible. If you are fast at handling your shipment process you can create a competitive advantage over your competitors.

  • Customer care

Proper management in the phase of shipment preparation allows you not to run into eventual dissatisfied customers due to mistakes or delays. If a job is done well first, you can avoid a waste in time and money afterwards.

  • Costs

Managing the shipment process for your e-commerce has a cost. The more the process is managed quickly and accurately, the lower the costs that will be to your business.

How to print shipping labels in bulk?

Have we convinced you on how strategic the preparation of the shipment for your e-commerce is? Good! Let’s see how it is possible to optimize times and costs when preparing orders.

The password is one: automate.

Thanks to ShippyPro, you can automatically manage some activities.

An example? Creating shipping labels in bulk. It is a long process prone to mistakes. Usually, it is managed by creating a file (as .xls, .csv, or numbers) containing all orders to ship. This file is uploaded on the referring courier website, which can be different according to order destination and fares. Later on, it is possible to print the shipping labels from each courier’s website. Often you do not even use csv or similar files, but you directly copy and paste the order data from the platform on which you received the order to the courier website.

Print several shipping labels in bulk

What are the disadvantages of this type of management?

  • Data loss

This management flow can generate a loss of strategic data for a successful shipment, as well as mistakes in the protocol of exporting and importing data or during manual copy-paste.

  • Costs

The time spent on all of these activities takes time and money to the resources involved in the process. We have calculated that to generate a standard shipping label it takes up to 6 minutes, excluding mistakes and anomalies.

  • Incompatibilities between formats

The shipping labels of each courier are in different formats, which, at the printing stage, must be homogenized to avoid mistakes and loss.


An automatized management software such as ShippyPro allows you to create all shipping labels in bulk to accompany products ready to be shipped.

What is the plus that can provide this type of solution?

  • Automatic data synchronization

The software sends automatically your order data to the courier, indicating the best fare for each shipment.

  • Printing speed

The automatic software, which creates shipping labels in bulk, is perfectly interrelated with your printing machine allowing you to quickly and easily print all shipping labels, without running into boring and repetitive adaptations related to the different formats used by couriers.

  • No mistakes

Stop unnecessary and numerous flows of information: you can centralize everything you need in just one software, which manages your shipments.


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