Boost your shipping process with an Excel street address sorter

If you have an e-commerce and you are using different couriers, for each order that you receive  there are a lot of steps to be performed before shipping.

For example you have to check customer information, choose the right courier to ship with, copy the customer address and paste on the courier website to create and print the shipping label.

If you have to do this process for a lot of orders, this will produce an important waste of time. Time that you need to use for make your business grow. 


Today I introduce you the street adress sorter excel for your e-commerce orders.

Using this excel you will be able to automate the courier choice based on country, ZIP code or province/state.

To start you have only to set few easy rules.


What can you do with the street address sorter? 


With few click you will be able to:


  • Set your rules to connect an area to a courier. The excel will show automaticaly the best courier for all your set areas.


  • Use a filter to create an exportable list that you can upload the courier website.


  • You can change when you prefer the area and courier, so if you improve your orders volume or you change couriers, you can set again the rules to change the connection made by the excel file.


  • You can understand how much you are using each courier.



street address sorter



How does it work? 


Using this excel is very easy, to start you have to download for free the document, after this, just open the document and select the “rules” tab.


street address sorter


First step: it is important to set the rules that this document will follow to connect automatically orders and couries.


street address sorter

Under the left column it’s possible to insert until 7 nations, areas or zipcode that you want to connect whit a single courier.

To do that just write the country or ZIP code on the field (one field one area).


street address sorter

In the next column under “Suggest this carrier” you have to write the courier to connect with the first area.


For example in this case i want to connect Italy (all the addresses containing “Italy” will be considered) to TNT.


You can of course enter couriers and nations which are different from the example, there is just one limit: couriers and zones should be less than 7.


Once you have set the rules, click on the “addresses” tab. 


This tab is an overview where you can see the connections between all your addresses and the couriers that you have set in the “rules” schedule. 


street address sorter


In the left column called “address” you can paste all your customers address.


Next to each address the file will show you an “x” under the courier you have set for that area.


To export all the orders you want to ship with a single courier you have to click on “Data” on the excel toolbar, and select the “Filter” tool.


street address sorter


As you can see, near the courier name which column you’re filtering, there’s an arrow icon. Click on the arrow and now you can select the filter to use.


street address sorter



Now write an x on the search field and click on “OK” below!






Once filtered, the excel will show you all the addresses connected with the selected courier.

Now you have an organized picking list to manage your shipping.



street address sorter


Now you can copy all the export them and ship togheter all the orders of the selected courier.


There are no addresses limits.


With this tool you can boost your shipping process choosing automatically the couriers to ship all your orders. 

No copy and paste for single order, you can export all the address in a single document.

No writing error.

Personalized rules to change your areas and couriers as you prefer.



street address sorter




An advanced Solution! 


If you are searching an advanced solution to improve your shipping process, you are searching ShippyPro the shipping software!

ShippyPro is a platform that allows you to manage all your orders by a single overview.

With few click you could create all your shipping label, for each courier.



4 Tools to improve your shipping process:

e-commerce orders
1 – Manage your marketplace by a unique dashboard, wich is extremely easy to use.

I tuoi ordini vengono importati in automatico da i tuoi negozi online, potrai gestirli in pochi click, con l’utilizzo dei filtri inoltre potrai trovare tutti gli ordini con estrema facilità.



You will be able to increase the number of channels you sell on, boosting your sales


street address sorter2 – Print all your shipping label with a single click, up to 42 couriers supported.

Fast choice among couriers, thanks to an innovative and powerful algorithm that suggests the best couriers automatically for every order, basing on:

Weight, Dimensions, ZIP code, Difficult Areas, Extra costs,

All services are listed in order of price and delivery time




You will manage multiple couriers together, taking advantage of all their best services, reducing shipping costs and enhancing service quality.



e-commerce orders  3 –Automated tracking number update on your sites and marketplaces

Your orders status is immediately set on shipped on your marketplace with the related tracking number.




Automated tracking number updating reduces all time consuming activities related to update the sale channel and your customer about shipping and tracking number


 4 – Send live update mails to your customers


You will be able to send transactional e-mail to your customer. With transactional e-mail you can send to your customer live uptades of his orders.

You can set a different template for each order status.

Setting simple rules, ShippyPro send automatically the transactional e-mail to your customer.

for example if the status of an order is “delivered” you can set a template, if the status is “in transit” you can set a different text and layout. 

street address sorter


Questions direct to your customer care will reduce, so that you will redirect your team to more productive activities


Start your free 30 orders trial today!


You’re not requested a credit card or a fee to try our solution: you will only pay if you think Shippypro could really help your growth.


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