Let’s say you have a well-established E-commerce, which gives you satisfaction and satisfies your customers because you sell a particularly desired product.

But how much effort to reach every single customer, isn’t it?

You had to study Marketing in your industry in great depth and started advertising yourself. Customers have arrived and continue to arrive, but there is a precise category of people on which you should direct your efforts: those who have already purchased from you.

They are the regular customers who really give your e-commerce strength.

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Whoever finds a loyal customer finds a treasure

I report some data to make you understand how important it is to retain the customer:

  • Acquiring a new customer costs 7 times more than managing a loyal customer
  • 70% of consumers buy again within six months if they feel involved with the brand
  • Regular customers spend about 33% more than a new customer

To retain customers and encourage them to return, you should be able to create a real relationship that does not end at the time of purchase, but continues in the after-sales phase.

In particular, a fundamental tool for building this relationship is represented by transactional e-mails, that is by all those e-mails that you can send during the purchase phase.

Complete Guide to Transactional e-mails

What are transactional e-mails for?

The customer who has decided to buy on your site does not want to feel abandoned, but wants to know exactly when you ship or keep track of his package from the moment he leaves your company to the moment the courier knocks on his door. On the other hand, you can’t answer every single e-mail asking: “Where is my package?“, “How long do I have to wait?”

It is at this time, when you need to tell the customer everything about his order, that transactional e-mails come to the rescue. With them you can:

  • Update customers step by step
  • Demonstrate care and attention towards them, which not all sellers have but that make the difference
  • Push the customer back to your e-commerce in the future to buy again

But how to structure a transactional e-mail? Let’s see together what are the different moments in which it is necessary and useful to establish contact with the customer and how to induce him to a new purchase.

Complete Guide to transactional e-mails

What to write in transactional e-mails?

We have already seen in part how transactional e-mails are a very effective direct marketing tool. People want personal communications, directed only to them, and they appreciate the speed in communications concerning their order.

In particular, we can talk about 4 types of transactional e-mail. Let’s look at them in detail:

  1. Cart abandonmentE-mail: this is not a real transactional e-mail, in the sense that it does not concern a transaction occurred, but a failed purchase. It’s the time when you have to use all your experience to understand what turned the potential customer away from the cart. You have to understand if he has any doubts about the shipment or need to indicate a pre-established collection point. Or if he was impressed, in a negative way, by the shipping costs or did not expect to have to complete all those steps before buying. Asking or perhaps offering a discount coupon, can be the solution to bring him back quickly to your site.
  2. Order confirmation E-mail: they are e-mails with a very high opening rate, which reaches 70%. It is certainly not necessary to explain why. The order confirmation e-mail must be sent as soon as possible, because every minute that passes raises questions and doubts in the mind of the customer. It should also always contain a brief but detailed summary of the order.
  3. Shipping confirmation E-mail: the customer will understand that he was right to buy from you only when he receives the e-mail confirming the shipment. It is at that point, with the tracking available, that you will not be asked any more: “Where is my order?”, because your customer  can find out it immediately.
  4. Feedback request E-mail: feedback is always necessary for your e-commerce and positive feedback makes you gain a lot of authority. This is why you should never forget to request it from your customer, immediately after he has received his package. It is at that moment, when he finally has in his hands what he wanted, that he is more willing to leave feedback, especially if you provide him with a link to leave it quickly and easily.
Complete Guide to transactional e-mails

Optimize the personalized tracking page

The e-mails sent after the purchase will direct the customer to where he expects to find all the information on his order: on the tracking page. But the tracking pages are not all the same. If you really want to push the customer to a new purchase you can create a personalized tracking page that contains:

  • Products recommended for the customer
  • Coupons and dedicated discounts
  • Links to Facebook pages or Instagram profiles, to constantly update on news or promotions
  • Link to your Newsletter, because we have seen that creating a strong e-mail connection is essential for your business to flourish

From chaos to ShippyPro Track & Trace

From chaos to ShippyPro Track&Trace

So far I have talked about transactional e-mails, the personalized tracking page, loyalty, in short about all those good practices with which you can improve the economic return on your e-commerce.

But you may have thought, “Where do I find the time to manage all the e-mails I receive and I have to send?”

In fact, post-sales Marketing takes a lot of time and energy. And they may not be enough, because something can still go wrong. You can forget to send the order confirmation or shipment confirmation e-mails to a customer and here comes a negative feedback for “communication failure”.

It can happen, but at ShippyPro we have come up with a solution that saves you time and reassures the buyer.

I’m talking about ShippyPro Track & Trace, which will allow you to:

  • have full control of your shipments in a single Dashboard;
  • customize the tracking page;
  • customize transactional e-mails;
  • automate tracking notifications for each shipment status update.
ShippyPro Track&Trace helps you have full control of your shipments in a single dashboard, personalize the tracking page and transactional e-mails and tracking notifications

Your customers will never feel alone and you will save time that you can dedicate to the growth of your business.

Try ShippyPro Track & Trace for free and free your mailbox from all those e-mails that insistently ask: “Where is my order?”

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