It is wrong that some e-businesses see a sale as a final goal of their marketing. To retain customers in post-shipping, we must not forget the “after”. With branded notifications, a newsletter or discounts and special offers, you can build a relationship of trust with your consumers.

Guide to Transactional Emails

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The importance of post-shipping customer engagement

As an e-commerce, a sale means a success. But to really grow your business, you have to think long term. A good post-shipping marketing strategy is essential to develop your e-commerce.

The numbers show that customer engagement is five times cheaper than acquiring a new customer. But only 18% of companies focus on this practice. Existing customers are a boon to e-commerce as they tend to try new products and spend more.

5 Post-purchase marketing tips

It’s all well and good to talk about customer engagement, but where do you start? Here you will find some tips ready to use to boost your engagement rate.

Post-shipping marketing is very important to retain customers

Notifications and delivery tracking

Keeping your customer informed of the status of their order will reassure them and solidify your relationship of trust. By offering notifications and delivery tracking, you will not have to hear “Where is my order? “. Customer satisfaction also means a good shopping experience. For 82% of buyers, in fact, the possibility of delivery tracking is very important. 

Thanks to ShippyPro Track & Trace, the shipment of products will no longer be a blemish. You will be able to have an overview on all the orders or even to personalize your notification emails. By offering personalized messages, the customer will feel valued and will be more inclined to return to your site.

Guide to Transactional Emails

Customize the message

To satisfy your customers, it is important to look after their shopping experience if you want to see them again. By automating the shipping process, you’ll save time and focus on other tasks. These automatic emails play a key role in customer engagement because they have a much higher open rate than a simple email.

The post-purchase experience is essential to the development of your business. This is why remarketing emails help to maintain this relationship of trust by offering special offers, discounts or similar products to your customers. The commitment of existing customers opens a door much larger than the acquisition of new customers, so it should not be neglected.

Request customer reviews

88% of consumers consult reviews online before finalizing their purchase. You should know that most consumers have the most confidence in the negative reviews to a star and positive reviews to 5 stars. In addition, asking for a customer opinion brings a better visibility to your products since some Internet users refine their search by this criterion. Also, reviews help optimize SEO and have an impact on the ranking of your site.

So to maximize customer satisfaction, it’s important to analyze these reviews to better understand your target audience and improve the customer experience. They also represent a collection of valuable data for campaign optimization, product development or the adaptation of your offer.

Create a custom order tracking page

The best time to engage a customer is right after the purchase, when he is still waiting for the receipt of his order. That’s why it’s important to deliver the right message to the right customer. The customization of an order tracking page becomes a real growth lever for e-commerce.

You certainly know about up-selling and cross-selling. Both techniques increase the average basket of a customer. One offers similar items but more expensive, while the other advises the purchase of accessory items.

This page may also offer discounts or special offers to encourage customers to place a new order. To retain and keep in touch with them, consider inserting a link to your newsletter or to your Instagram account.

Guide to Transactional Emails

Propose a newsletter subscription

You want to share and make known your products? The newsletter is one of the most used tools by companies. It allows to maintain a long lasting relationship with your customers and prospects as well as to develop your sales.

It offers the advantage of increasing traffic to your site and improving your brand by providing interesting and relevant content. The content and the shape must be treated to make customers want to return. The periodicity or audience is also essential to take into account to have a positive effect on your sales.

The basics to know about post-shipping marketing

As noted earlier, directing your marketing strategy towards customer engagement rather than acquiring new customers is good for your e-commerce. The first benefit to remember is that you communicate with existing customers, that is to say, who already know your brand.

To optimize this customer engagement rate, it is interesting to implement some tools:

  • Automation of tracking notifications to optimize order processing.
  • Customization of notifications to establish a relationship of trust with the customer.
  • Request a customer review to improve the shopping experience and give visibility to your products.
  • Take advantage of a newsletter with special offers or discounts and quality content.

Post-purchase marketing is an interesting strategy to develop your business in the long term and retain your regular and potential customers. But do not forget that if the shopping experience is negative, the customer will not return to your site. This step is therefore essential and requires special attention.

Most often, a customer is not satisfied with his shopping experience because the processing of his order was too long or because the tracking of his order was too complicated.

With ShippyPro Track & Trace, you can automate order management by sending tracking emails at different stages. In addition, you can customize your emails to offer similar products or accessories to your customers, but also ask them for an opinion on the product or on their buying experience.

This easy-to-use ShippyPro tool also enables you to send remarketing emails and thus build customer loyalty for a lasting relationship of trust.

Guide to Transactional Emails