In this report, we will have a deeper understanding of BFCM (Black Friday – Cyber Monday) weekend volumes growth, and the impacts of these consumption patterns changes on the main online shopping categories.

Our first two reports already highlighted record shopping and parcels volumes around major shopping festivals in October (Prime Days) and
early November (Single days). We started drafting the major shift in consumers’ preferences from offline to online shopping across the main e–commerce markets, looking specifically at 17 geographies.

Now, we report on the most important shopping festival – BFCM performance among 30 different markets. We will focus on these key topics:

  • BFCM sales growth in the 30 more dynamic e–commerce markets VS 2019
  • October & November e–commerce growth impact on top product categories (Fashion, Home furnishing & Bricolage, Health & Beauty, Electronics)
  • Countries that have better compensated offline sales loss with online sales increase

BFCM growth in the 30 most dynamic e–commerce markets

This year’s BFCM (Black Friday – Cyber Monday) weekend has clearly beaten all expectations in most countries in spite of early online shopping this holiday season in October and during the first three weeks of November.

2020 Black Friday Cyber Monday Growth (compared with 2019)

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