If you sell premium products, you need to offer consumers a premium service from start to finish.

Creating an end-to-end quality service was what Benasciutti Casa had in mind when they joined forces with ShippyPro

Let’s find out together how ShippyPro helped Benasciutti Casa with their product shipping strategy.

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Putting the consumer at the heart of the business

Benasciutti Casa was created in the 1970s. The Italian company is focused on offering a wide range of high end homeware brands, including household accessories and linen.

As an Italian brand putting the customer at the heart of their business, Benasciutti Casa started with door-to-door selling. Soon after, they set up two brick-and-mortar stores in the Ferrara area.

They built up strong brand awareness through word of mouth. Now the business has an online store as well, focused on bringing the same premium products to a wider audience.

Benasciutti Casa aims to offer the largest possible product choice to meet every need of their customers. They sell a wide variety of luxury brands, with over 7000 products in their inventory.

They’re also focused on ensuring that they offer great value to their customers. They regularly communicate their offers of the month or year to their users.

Another USP is that they focus on products that are made in Italy. This showcases the high quality standards that are important in the Italian market. They even send typically Italian gifts to foreign customers to showcase the calibre of locally-made products.

An omnichannel customer experience

Since setting up an online store, Benasciutti Casa has seen real success through customer interaction.

Their customers appreciate the conversations the company conducts via phone, webchat, Facebook, and Whatsapp. 

One key service Benasciutti Casa offers is a phone explanation. Even if a customer buys online, they can have a call with a specialist from Benasciutti Casa.

When buying online, for example, it can be hard to know whether a product is exactly the right color or texture. A call with a product specialist allows customers to find exactly the right product for them.

This service, and frequent customer conversations, has hugely increased customer loyalty.

Consumer experience from physical stores has been as well enhanced. They can get the comfort of having the product shipped to their home, which is often requested especially for large products. 

A great delivery experience thanks to the right partner

But how could the brand keep offering customers great shopping experience as they expanded?

Delivery is a key part of the consumer experience. But for a growing online shop, it was becoming too complicated to keep managing the shipping process manually. There was a risk of disappointing customers with a sub-par delivery service.

When searching for a partner to take on their shipping strategy, Benasciutti Casa decided on ShippyPro because :

“It’s a young company, innovative, using the latest technology, who always has an answer and pays specific attention to customer needs. It’s a company who works with you to make you grow.”

Paolo Benasciutti, CEO, benasciutticasa.it

Working with ShippyPro has positively impacted the customer experience of product delivery. It’s also simplified the amount of work needed on the part of Benasciutti Casa.

One of most ShippyPro services most appreciated by Benasciutti Casa is shipping email notifications.

They’re sent automatically, so there’s far less work needed from the company. At the same time, it helps Benasciutti Casa stay close to their customers as their order is being shipped. 

Tracking Notification ShippyPro
ShippyPro Track&Trace: tracking notification triggers

Another key ShippyPro module for Benasciutti Casa is the Track & Trace service.

This allows merchants to control product shipments from one easy-to-use dashboard. It’s proved to be hugely beneficial for Benasciutti Casa. They stated:

“We immediately understand which shipments are having trouble, in order to fix it as fast as possible.”

Paolo Benasciutti, CEO, benasciutticasa.it
Tracking Dashboard ShippyPro
ShippyPro Track&Trace: Overview

A shipping success story

Benasciutti Casa has enjoyed real benefits from its partnership with ShippyPro. Would they recommend that other brands work with them?

“I would definitely recommend ShippyPro: it’s a real added-value, with a reasonable cost, easy to use, with all the benefits from automation (saving time and avoiding errors). The platform is intuitive, updated with the latest technology and new modules, for example easy returns.”

Paolo Benasciutti, CEO, benasciutticasa.it

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