Environmental sustainability and respect for our planet are fundamental values ​​of our time that increasingly affect consumer choices. 

For this reason, today we want to introduce you to Brava Fabrics, a Spanish company that made sustainable fashion its key strength and that relied on ShippyPro for its logistics management.

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Now let’s see what sustainability means for a young but already accomplished ecommerce brand as Brava Fabrics, then we will discover directly from them why they chose ShippyPro as a shipping partner and which advantages they obtained. 

Brava Fabrics: Organic, Sustainable, Fair 

Born just 6 years ago, Brava Fabrics is a fashion industry company that believes in a sustainable future and carries out concrete actions every day to respect the environment around us.

Their items of clothing are made with eco-friendly and at the same time high quality materials. Above all, they are made to be timeless and go beyond current market trends. 

Brava Fabrics sustainable clothing

The materials are not the only aspect to which Brava Fabrics pays close attention. In fact, fair working conditions, reasonable working hours, acceptable salaries and a safe work environment are essential values within the Spanish company.

Just like ShippyPro, Brava Fabrics also believes that words like sustainability and fairness are not empty containers to be filled with catchy slogans, but real values that can make a difference in our increasingly chaotic society, which seems to have forgotten that our beloved Earth is unique and that we should care about it.

Eco Friendly materials, Packaging and Delivery

Brava Fabrics loves fashion and beautiful design, but also nature. This is why they opt for natural fibers, renewable resources and recycled materials for the creation of their clothing. 

A revolutionary choice these days, if you think that, according to these data, about 35% (190 thousand tons per year) of microplastics that pollute the oceans is ascribable to the washing of synthetic fibers. 

Brava Fabric organic and sustainable apparel

Moreover, working closely with the ateliers in Spain and Portugal and the direct knowledge of all the tailors who create sweaters, trousers and t-shirts, allow the Spanish brand to never lose sight of that transparency and that particular attention to detail that customers love. 

Brava Fabrics is also aware of the impact that packaging and online shipments can have on the environment. In this sense, the partnership with ShippyPro it’s no coincidence.

Brava Fabrics & ShippyPro 

The name of Brava Fabrics is increasingly known even outside Spain and this success is certainly due to its idea of sustainable fashion, but not only.

Its growth was also possible thanks to an efficient and easy-to-manage shipping process, just what ShippyPro offers to small and large businesses that sell online.

We asked some questions to the Brava Fabrics team to find out why they chose ShippyPro for their shipments and how this choice influenced their work and customer experience

Brava Fabric organic and sustainable apparel

1) Why did you choose ShippyPro among other shipping solutions?

We have been examining for a long time what could be the best TMS (Transportation Management System) solution for us. 

Since our main market is in Europe, we realized that many of the solutions we were looking at were mainly focused on the American or Asian markets. But reviewing the ShippyPro proposal, we saw that it offered integrations with a multitude of European Carriers, which was exactly what we were looking for.

2) How has ShippyPro helped Brava Fabrics scale your business?

We are ShippyPro partners for a few months now and we are currently finishing the final details of the third integration with a new transport partner that will allow us to improve our delivery service and optimize the lead times of our B2C shipments to Northern European countries, helping us to improve the experience of all our end customers. 

3) What are the key benefits of our solutions according to your experience?

Working with your shipping platform allows us to access a wide range of transport companies which you are already integrated with. 

This helps us save on integration costs for each of the Carriers we want to work with and also gives us the possibility to save a lot of time in the management and development of each of these new integrations. 

In addition, we can have control of all our shipments: this is really important because it helps us anticipate any incident and thus improve the customer experience with our brand.

Brava Fabrics sustainable clothing and ethical fashion

ShippyPro helps ecommerce to ship better and faster

As you have seen, the advantages that ShippyPro offers in terms of costs, time savings and shipment tracking are among the reasons that pushed Brava Fabrics to further develop the partnership launched a few months ago, but they are not a prerogative of a single company. 

Even you, with your ecommerce, can try for free and benefit from all the most advanced features of our shipping platform, such as:

  1. Label Creator: this feature will allow you to print hundreds of shipping labels in a few clicks, saving tens of minutes per day and avoiding transcription errors.
  2. Track & Trace: keep track of every shipment and send customized tracking notifications to your customers.
  3. Easy Return: the perfect feature to simplify returns and help dissatisfied buyers, who don’t want to waste time with incomprehensible return rules or return labels.
  4. Live Checkout: to decrease the cart abandonment rate at checkout by offering as many delivery options as possible and comparing Carriers rates.

What are you waiting for? Join Brava Fabrics, project your ecommerce into the future of logistics. Try ShippyPro now!