E-commerce Returns can generate large losses for your business if they are not managed properly.

Serial returners, that is people who regularly return their purchase, can become a big problem for your e-commerce.

Creating an effective e-commerce return process will help you prevent your customers from returning their purchase.

Develop a strategy that you can carry out and optimize e-commerce returns are two key points for a successful business.

To help you, we have written a list of 10 strategies to optimize returns in e-commerce.

Complete Guide to E-commerce returns

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List of 10 Tips to optimize E-commerce returns

To prevent the return rate of your e-commerce from increasing, you have to follow certain guidelines and install a software to automate the returns.

Take note of these ten points to reduce product returns.

1. Optimize your product descriptions to reduce your return rate

It is possible to reduce e-commerce returns by writing better product descriptions. They have to explain in detail what you are selling.

Check that the text that accompanies a product really captures its essence before uploading on your online store.

Make sure that the items you sell can be viewed through the descriptions you make for each one. That way your customers will know exactly what they are buying.

2. Improve the quality of the photos of your products

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words and in e-commerce it could not be otherwise. Using quality photos will help you avoid returns.

Before publishing an image, check that it is not too retouched as it could confuse the customer. Remember that it has to represent what you are selling.

If the customer can zoom in the photos without being pixelated or browsing a 360º photo, you have more possibilities to buy the product and not return it.

Learn everything you need to know about E-commerce returns

3. Use the reviews of your products to reduce e-commerce returns

You can reduce the rate of returns in your e-commerce if you include the reviews that your customers have left on a product.

Reviews help other users make a decision because they offer a sincere and honest opinion. They also help answer questions you might have missed in the product description.

Invite your customers to write an opinion on the items they have purchased so you can incorporate the reviews. 

4. Offer a quality Customer Service to avoid returns

Some returns in e-commerce could be avoided with a customer service accessible to users. During the checkout process, users should have the option of being able to contact your customer service in case they have any problems.

If we analyze the best practices in e-commerce return, we will see that customer service is essential and one of the best technique to retain customers.

As a merchant, you would have to offer a quick and easy way of contact. Ideally, anyone who needs to talk to the customer service of your online store can send a message through the chat on your website, make a video call or call a number.

When a user contacts them, your customer service team has the possibility to sell a product. So make sure they have all the necessary tools to do their job.

Complete Guide to E-commerce returns

5. Answer the Frequently Asked Questions and any questions your clients have 

FAQs can help you reduce e-commerce returns

Frequently Asked Questions are a great tool to avoid returns. Customers can read if you offer free returns or answer questions about your online sale return policy.

It is important that you continuously review the FAQs section of your e-commerce. This will help you keep it up to date and make sure you cover all doubts about your e-commerce return policy.

6. Review the orders before sending them to avoid returns

An effective practice to avoid returns in e-commerce is to review the orders before sending them. It may seem obvious, but you would be surprised to know how many merchants overlook this step.

Checking the products before sending them and making sure they are in perfect condition will help you reduce returns. Especially those generated by internal errors.

7. Always deliver orders on time and incorporate the tracking option

Statistics on product returns reflect that customer satisfaction plays an important role.

Ensure that the order arrives on time and that, in addition, the customer can track their purchase. In this way, you will reduce the possibility that the buyer is dissatisfied with the order management.

Learn everything you need to know about E-commerce returns

8. Packaging can help you reduce returns

The packaging is responsible for many returns in e-commerce. If you do not pay attention to the type of package you choose to send the orders, the products may arrive broken or with imperfections.

If most of the returns you receive are due to customers dissatisfied with the condition of the product or because it was damaged during shipping, it may be time to check the packaging you are using.

9. Analyze the checkout funnel of your e-commerce

Shipments and returns are an indispensable part of any e-commerce. That is why you should examine in detail the process that your customers follow when they are going to pay.

In your online store, can buyers check their shopping cart before paying? You probably have a high return rate if your customers use the express payment option.

Analyzing the payment process of users who returned a product will help you understand their behaviour during checkout and optimize your conversion rate

10. Learn to understand returns in your e-commerce

To analyze returns in e-commerce, you will have to focus on the Return KPI (Key Performance Indicators).

The data you must collect to carry out a complete analysis is:

  • Total returns. With this figure, you will know exactly the total number of items that buyers return.
  • The total value of returns. You will have to add the price of the products to know the exact amount you have back.
  • The percentage of the reason for returns. When you get these figures, you can see the reasons why your customers return the items. You will also know which ones are the most repeated and work to improve them.
  • The percentage of returns per courier company. The statistics of the management of returns in e-commerce will help you evaluate the service of the courier and decide if it is the best for your business.
    You will know if a certain courier company always delivers the products in poor condition or after the established deadline. These are the reasons why customers can complain and return their purchase.   
  • Total returns per country. If you sell outside your country you have to take this point into account. You may have to modify your return policy if in a given country people are used to returning their purchases – if you do not, you may have losses in the long run.

How can you automate the analysis of returns?

There is no doubt that returns analysis s a laborious task that takes time. Once you have the details of the return, you will have to enter each data in a table to create a graph. 

Then, you will have to look for patterns that help you see the flaws that may be in your e-commerce. 

But between managing your stock, providing quality customer service, keeping your online store up to date and talking with carriers, you will not have much time to analyze the data you will be collecting. 

Use software to manage your e-commerce returns

Therefore, automating the return of items is one of the best decisions you can make for your business. A system to manage your e-commerce returns can help you save time. 

With a specialized software, you can create a return form to collect the data, manage your return policy and adjust it to the needs of your store. You can also make it easier for customers to print the labels and create statistics with the data you gather. 

By using a software to manage your e-commerce returns, you can analyze the different reasons why your customers return the products and offer a better service. 

analizar las diferentes razones por las que tus clientes devuelven los productos y ofrecer un mejor servicio.

For example, if return’s reason is that you sent another product, you can offer to replace it with the correct item in a jiffy.

Or if, on the contrary, the cause of the return is because the customer changed his mind, you can offer a cheaper return service. 

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