Get ready: peak season is coming! And you will need e-logistics, that is, super efficient e–commerce logistics management.

It is now known that the Covid-19 pandemic, with disastrous effects in many economic sectors, has given a great boost to e–commerce.

An analysis of over 2,000 of the world’s most visited e–commerce sites from 10 different sectors shows that total visits went from 16 billion in January 2020 to 22 billion in June. And more visits often mean more sales.

In addition to Christmas holidays, also Halloween, Black Friday and  Cyber ​​Monday await you… Your customers are ready to place orders after orders, but what about you?

Will you be able to deliver a top shipping experience just when sales volumes increase and Carriers are overworked?

In this article, we at ShippyPro want to focus on all those solutions necessary to manage your e–logistic at its best.

It’s not long before the peak of sales: keep reading so you don’t get caught unprepared!   

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Adapt your supply chain to new customer needs

The e–commerce world is evolving very quickly: times when customers waited 4-5 working days (or more!) to receive their order belong to the past.

Now, and even more in the coming peak season, people are buying and almost “demanding” a management of the post-sales phase worthy of Amazon. Even if you are not Amazon and you don’t sell on its platform.

What does this transformed need mean in terms of supply chain? It means, for example:

  1. An automated management of the stock of available products. In the coming months you must be able to cope with waves of orders that will significantly decrease the availability of your items. Are you in contact with suppliers? Can you monitor the availability of an item and produce it quickly? 
  2. An adequate and precise supply in an omnichannel perspective. Your customers’ experience of buying and picking up products is changing. Some, for example, buy online and collect in store; others want super fast shipping… That’s why your products need to be quickly at hand in order to reach every corner of the world in a short time.

As we have just seen, offering an optimal delivery experience means reinventing your entire e–logistic, including the procurement of products.

How? We have already mentioned it, but let’s analyze the solution in all its aspects.

Automation as the key to increase your e–commerce sales

More and more companies are investing in automation processes. According to an analysis conducted between March and April 2020, 61% of retailers globally think that by 2025 they will have implemented a digital supply chain (Digital4). What are you waiting for?

The sales peak in the coming months will bring greater earnings, especially to those who can speed up their shipping process and better manage operational challenges. 

Think for example of all the time spent in manual operations of finding products, packaging and shipping. Or the time it takes to create labels one by one or to monitor shipments made through different Sales Channels.

The solution to these problems that can turn a great opportunity into a crisis with no way out is called automation.

The automation of your e–logistic will in fact allow you to save time and devote more attention to the customer. This way you will offer a perfect delivery experience even during the peak of the season.

Here are the tips you should keep in mind: 

  • Automated creation of labels, including return labels to be placed in the packaging, for quick and easy returns.
  • Constant tracking of deliveries, to prevent any problems in case of delays and send notifications on the status of the shipment.
  • A clear return policy, so you don’t have to write dozens of messages to show the customer how to return the purchase.
  • Delivery options clearly visible at Checkout.
From messy process to ShippyPro.

Monitor your e–logistics to make it more efficient during Peak Season

After seeing what you should do to manage the increase in orders over the next few months, let’s analyze together your current e–logistics and the challenges it poses:

Have you established a budget to face the peak season? For example, if your e–commerce offers free delivery over a certain amount, you should budget for these specific deliveries, which will increase by Christmas. Don’t forget that January 2nd is now known as “National Returns Day”, or the day of returns. In this regard, what is your return policy? Are they free? In this case, remember to allocate a part of the budget to reverse logistics.

What are the performances of the Carriers you rely on? For example, you could make a comparison with last year. Did some Carriers deliver late or even failed delivery? Always keep in mind that the customer could charge you for any delays or inefficiencies, even if you did your best for a very fast delivery. 

What shipping options will you offer your customers? Remember that, according to data, e–commerce cart abandonment rate exceeds 70%. Customers abandon their shopping cart not only for second thoughts, unexpected costs or too long shipping times, but also for limited delivery options. During the next few months you should guarantee deliveries to specific pickup points, lockers, physical stores, clearly showing the price of each option. And you shouldn’t forget to offer services like Saturday delivery or same day delivery

ShippyPro is the shipping brain that automates all your work

Is there a tool that allows you to face the peak season and automate the shipping strategy even if you are not a developer and do not know how to get started with your e–commerce?

Face Peak Season with ShippyPro

Let’s immediately answer the question above: a tool exists, and it’s called ShippyPro. Thanks to ShippyPro you will have a single dashboard to easily manage all your orders.   

Merchants who rely on ShippyPro save a total of 12 hours per week and € 120 by comparing Carriers’ rates throughout their e–logistics. Furthermore, they almost totally (-88%) eliminate manual transcription errors.

Ultimately, they have much more time to “cuddle” the customer, build loyalty, manage customer service and focus on sales. 

But what are the features of ShippyPro that come to your aid during the peak season?

Automated creation of labels in just one click

Thanks to the Label Creator function, you can also create return labels to be included in the packaging.

Real-time tracking of all shipped orders

This feature allows you to get a clear picture of the situation and reassure buyers with personalized shipping notifications. Post-sales emails also have a very high opening rate (72% if you use ShippyPro) and help you to carry out cross-selling or up-selling actions just when the customer is most willing to listen to you.

Stress-free returns for you and your customers 

Making a return after Christmas, when we all want to relax and unwind for a while, puts even the most agreeable customer to the test. With ShippyPro, on the other hand, you can decide to grant returns only for certain product categories, beyond a certain expense or only within a certain period of time, and communicate these rules to the buyer.  

Among ShippyPro features there is also Live Checkout

Live Checkout helps your customers choose the delivery option they prefer. A great way to reduce the cart abandonment rate and ensure excellent service. Even in a period as hectic as that of the holidays.    

Ride the wave of Peak Season with ShippyPro

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