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E-commerce Delivery: offer multiple options to leverage Conversion Rates

Customers love to have a choice, it’s well known.

To meet their expectations, delivery methods must be diversified and meet certain requirements. They have to adapt to each case in order to increase the conversion rate of your e-commerce.

How to choose the best European Courier for your E-commerce

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Offer multiple delivery options so you do not lose customers

The delivery experience directly influences customer satisfaction. If a buyer is not happy with your e-commerce website, he will not hesitate to address a more attractive competitor. Thus, a single delivery method with high shipping costs would have a bad effect. The only thing you could win from this is cart abandonment.

The solution available to you is then quite simple: you should offer different delivery methods in order to develop your sales. It is not necessary to offer all the existing options on the market. The most important thing is to adapt to the needs of Internet users, but also to the products you sell online.

Which delivery methods to choose for your e-commerce?

Home delivery is the preferred option for online buyers. But it could be reached by the PickUp Point option, even if sometimes restrictive. Knowing the different delivery methods allows you to optimize your logistics but also to meet customers’ expectations to boost your conversion rate.

  • Home delivery: this is the standard delivery. This option must be included in your list at all costs. The advantage is that the customer does not have to move. He can even choose a preferred time slot to receive his parcel. With this delivery method, you can also save money and have better customer feedback. The disadvantage mainly concerns the absence of the customer at home or an incomplete address. That’s why it’s important to indicate unserved locations or cities so you do not receive negative feedback.
  • Pick-up Points: this option is attracting more and more online customers, especially because of the low shipping costs. The advantage is that it adapts easily to the buyer’s schedule. In addition, it is convenient also for stores that work in partnership with pickup points since they can attract new customers. The main disadvantage is that if the buyer has a bad experience with the pick-up point, your reputation may be directly affected.
  • Pick-up in stores: Also known as “Click & Collect”, it offers the advantage of fast (usually within a few hours) and secure delivery. Many e-commerce sites, mainly retailers, offer this option. For a good shopping experience, the store must then meet the logistics requirements. It is necessary to be attentive to the stocks available in store, the proximity of the points of sale and the personnel present to welcome the customers coming from this channel.
  • Express delivery: this method is more expensive but has a significant advantage during periods of high activity (Christmas, Valentine’s Day etc.). Indeed, some buyers can remember to buy presents at the last moment and therefore prefer deliveries in 24H, even if the cost is higher.
How to choose the best European Courier for your E-commerce

Optimize shipping costs for better customer satisfaction

Existing shipping solutions

To boost your conversion rate and decrease your cart abandonment rate, it is essential that shipping and return policies are clear, simple and transparent. More than half of online shoppers give up the purchase if the shipping costs are too high. At the same time, a third of buyers abandon their shopping cart if delivery is not included.

  • Free shipping: this is a real lever to increase the conversion rate of your website. But it also represents a certain cost for the seller. That’s why this solution is not necessarily profitable for all your products. You can implement it on seasonality (Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday etc.) and thus triple or even quadruple sales rates.
  • Extra shipping costs: they are used to offer more services such as a faster delivery or during the weekend.
  • Fixed shipping costs: it is better to opt for this option if your products are homogeneous in terms of price.
  • Proportional shipping costs: on the contrary, these are used for heterogeneous products or according to a specific criterion such as weight or quantity.
How to choose the best European Courier for your E-commerce

The importance of a carrier’s choice to optimize shipping costs

Shipping costs can represent between 15 and 25% of the income account for an online store. This is why you must choose the carriers according to the price but also to the quality of delivery and tracking. Indeed, if the buyer has a bad delivery experience, the e-commerce sites will suffer more than transport companies. Since these charges according to the weight and size of the package, it is more strategic to choose small packages. Today, it is possible to invest in an automated system that produces customized cardboard packaging and helps you optimize the costs of shipping and storage.

Shorten the purchase funnel to increase your conversion rate

During the checkout process, that is to say, the phase going from the cart to the payment steps, you must meet certain criteria to improve your conversion rate. If the checkout is too long or requires too much information, the buyer may lose patience and decide to abandon his basket. Thus, you have to ask for simple and essential information for billing (name, surname, mail, address, bank details etc.)in order to offer a checkout without a hitch. Moreover, not making mandatory to create an account to finalize a purchase can work in your favour.

In summary

In order to increase the increase in the conversion rate of your e-commerce, remember these three important keywords for deliveries:

  • The choice of delivery methods and shipping options.
  • The simplicity of shipping and return policy.
  • The quality of deliveries and carriers (also in terms of speed).
How to choose the best European Courier for your E-commerce

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