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10 Prestashop addons you need for your e-commerce business in 2024

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PrestaShop is an open-source ecommerce platform that lets merchants build their website and store in order to market their products and services online. For ecommerce businesses, platforms like PrestaShop are invaluable. They provide a number of flexible, customisable modules and addons to take your website, branding and marketing to the next level.

However, let's say you’re new to PrestaShop and you want to explore which addons best suit your business and goals. You need to know what you want and where to find it. Here is our guide to the best ecommerce Prestashop addons.

But first, what is PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is a platform that allows its users to create and develop their ecommerce website to market their products and services online. It is published under the Open Software License (OSL) which means that users can build and customise their websites for free using their software. Having said this, PrestaShop offers a lot of premium plugins and addons which may need to be purchased — however the overall platform itself is free-to-use depending on what you need. 

PrestaShop supports ecommerce platforms by providing hundreds of built-in features for managing product listings, payment processing, shipping, manufacturing and managing suppliers. More than 300,000 sites have been built using its software.

What are PrestaShop Addons?

PrestaShop Addons is a marketplace where merchants can purchase custom addons (also known as modules) and themes for their stores. The marketplace also offers support and features designed to enhance the PrestaShop experience and increase performance for their users. Some PrestaShop Addons modules include tools to increase customer satisfaction, optimise conversions and grow traffic. 

PrestaShop modules and features can be created by a variety of different developers based on the open source software that powers PrestaShop’s website. As a result it’s always a good idea to check that the module is both well reviewed and most importantly works before installing it. 

10 Prestashop Addons Modules you need for your online store

On the PrestaShop Addons marketplace you can narrow down what you need through the easy-to-use search function, which separates modules based on their uses. However there are some modules and features that all PrestaShop users should consider to compliment the software, improve security and increase business performance.

We have taken a look at 10 of the best PrestaShop Addons features to give your online business a boost in 2024.

PrestaShop Metrics

Developed by: PrestaShop
Price: FreePrestaShop Metrics

First thing’s first: metrics. PrestaShop Metrics is the go-to metrics module for PrestaShop ecommerce stores. Metrics are the cornerstone of business improvement. Access to data lets you make decisions that will increase revenue, improve the customer experience and keep track of your store’s KPIs in real time.

PrestaShop also has an optimised version of their metrics tool: Advanced Product Statistics Module (Analytics & Tips). At 89.99, this module is more expensive but alongside key statistics it also provides merchants with marketing ideas and optimisation tips to improve product performance and boost sales.

Abandoned Cart Reminder 5 in 1

Developed by: Globo
Price: €69.99 (then €20 annually)

There are a handful of PrestaShop addons that remind customers to pay for items in their carts, but we have gone for this one as it offers merchants five different ways to encourage customers to return to their abandoned items. 

Abandoned Cart Reminder 5 in 1 lets ecommerce stores remind customers through Email, Popup, Sticky Bar, Browser Notification and Browser Tab Notification. This module let’s visitors and customers recover their abandoned carts and claims to improve sales and conversions by up to 50%.

Advance SEO Expert Module

Developed by: FME Modules
Price: €83.99 (then €24 annually)

Attracting potential new customers to your online store can be a challenge, but SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) is one of your best friends when it comes to growing traffic.

The Advance SEO Expert Module is an all-in-one SEO solution to help merchants increase traffic to their website, achieve higher rankings on search engines like Google, and in turn improve sales and conversions. To do this the module provides a number of SEO basics such as auto setup Sitemaps Robots.txt, URL redirect, Follow, Index for Meta data for home, product & CMS pages. 

PayPal Official Module

Developed by: PrestaShop Partners
Price: Free

When it comes to checkout, you want to make the payment process as easy and simple as possible. Think about the number of times you have been trying to buy something, and errors or delays have meant you gave up the purchase altogether — this is what we want to avoid. Providing customers with a variety of payment options is a great idea to combat this issue.

The free PayPal official module is a great option for customers who don’t have a Credit Card or Debit but have access to a PayPal account. The option to pay with PayPal is integrated into the checkout options, and includes Pay Later; your customers can pay over time while merchants are paid up-front. PrestaShop also has a module for Klarna payments, which has the option of payment after 30 days. These kinds of options can help boost merchant conversion rates by 39%.

Protect my shop

Developed by: Librashop
Price: €209.99 (then €60 annually)

Online store safety is something merchants might not worry much about… until it’s too late. PrestaShop Addons provides a variety of modules geared towards securing your website from cyber attacks, bugs and other potential breaches. For customers, knowing their data is safe with you is crucial to building customer trust and protecting your brand from negative reviews.

Protect my shop provides a number of safety features to prevent data theft and hacking, and its protections are completely customisable depending on your preferences. The module also provides merchants with real-time statistics on blocked attacks.

GDPR Compliance Pro - 2023 Enhanced Edition Module

Developed by: PRESTACHAMPS
Price: €69.99 (then €20 annually)

If your ecommerce store sells products within or to the EU, then you’ll have to come into contact with GDPR. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation in EU law that deals with data protection and privacy within the EU and the European Economic Area. 

The GDPR Compliance Pro module makes sure you never have any problems in this area. The module guarantees your business full GDPR compliance, complete with adherence to the European Cookies Law and the most recent GDPR amendments. Your customers then have the right to access their own information, update any incorrect data or remove data entirely from your site in accordance with GDPR rules.

Sales Report Pro - Accounting Exports Module

Developed by: Business Tech
Price: €209.99 (then €60 annually)Graphic from Business Tech outlining benefits of their PrestaShop Sales module

Keeping track of your sales, customers, tax information and various other accounting processes is critical to running a successful ecommerce store. This is where Sales Report Pro can help.

This fully fledged sales solution gives merchants visibility into their store and products. Through the module’s management system you can analyse the profits and margins made on products, categories, brands and suppliers. You are then able to generate different types of performance reports and strategise ways to both improve and scale your online store.

PrestaShop Marketing With Google Module

Developed by: PrestaShop
Price: Free

Love it or hate it, leveraging Google is a key part of growing a business online. Billions of us use the search engine every day to find answers to burning questions and search for the products and services we need. Thanks to the PrestaShop Marketing with Google module, this doesn’t have to feel like a challenge, and is one of the best ways to grow your traffic organically using the search engine. 

This PrestaShop addon connects your store to the Google Merchant Center, and creates Performance Max campaigns (optimises and automates your Google Ads inventory) to display your products across all Google’s channels. If you’re new to Google Ads, the module will give you €400 in ad credit when you spend €400 within 60 days.

Advanced Top Menu Module - Responsive Mega Menu Module

Developed by: Presta-Module
Price: €69.99 (then €20 annually)

One of the great things about PrestaShop is its customizability and flexibility — and there are a number of great addons that can be installed depending on what you want. Simple website navigation makes it easy for your customers to narrow down options and find what they’re looking for, so is key when considering themes, features and modules for your PrestaShop store.

The Advanced Top Menu module is a dynamic and responsive tool that creates a website menu with simple, drop-down, animated columns that configure the best top menu for your site. This facilitates user navigation and gives them an overview of your most important products and services.

Advanced Loyalty Program: Loyalty Points Module

Developed by: 202 ecommerce
Price: €97.99 (then €28 annually)

You’ve built your website, scaled your business, you’re all over Google, but your customer retention rate isn’t as good as you would like it to be — PrestaShop Addons have solutions for that too. Building relationships and establishing a returning customer base is great for increasing sales and tracking how well the business is doing.

One good way to encourage repeat purchases is through loyalty programmes and rewards. The Advanced Loyalty Program: Loyalty Points module assigns products a customisable number of points. Customers can then collect those points and put them towards discounts, freebies and other benefits. A points system can also help merchants market specific products by multiplying points and giving customers’ higher rewards.

You can also easily connect your ShippyPro account to your PrestaShop ecommerce store. Integrating ShippyPro into your online store provides PrestaShop merchants with the ability to ship, track, return your orders and scale fulfilment globally.

Conclusion: PrestaShop continues to stand out as a prime ecommerce platform for merchants keen on expanding and optimizing their online presence. The plethora of addons available on the platform caters to a wide range of business needs, from tracking metrics and improving SEO to ensuring GDPR compliance and offering loyalty programs. With the rise of cyber threats, security also takes precedence with modules dedicated to protecting merchant data. For newcomers to PrestaShop or even seasoned veterans looking to enhance their online store, the addons highlighted above provide a solid foundation for driving business growth in 2023.

List of  PrestaShop Addons for ecommerce:

  1. PrestaShop Metrics

  2. Abandoned Cart Reminder 5 in 1

  3. Advance SEO Expert Module

  4. PayPal Official Module

  5. Protect my shop

  6. GDPR Compliance Pro - 2023 Enhanced Edition Module

  7. Sales Report Pro - Accounting Exports Module

  8. PrestaShop Marketing With Google Module

  9. Advanced Top Menu Module - Responsive Mega Menu Module

  10. Advanced Loyalty Program: Loyalty Points Module

    Bonus mention: ShippyPro Integration for global fulfillment.

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