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Product News - May 2024: New features, 2 Carrier integrations, and 3 services

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We are thrilled to announce several new features, carrier integrations, and services that will enhance your shipping experience. Read on to discover how these updates can benefit your business.

ShippyPro becomes a FedEx Compatible Solution Provider

fedex-compatibleWe are proud to announce that ShippyPro has been certified as a FedEx Compatible Solution Provider (CSP) for the EU, United States, and AMEA regions.

This certification ensures that our customers using FedEx can rely on cutting-edge technology to optimise their shipping processes. Thanks to this integration, you can enjoy seamless FedEx services, ensuring efficiency and reliability in your shipping operations.

Share PUDO details with your customers

Keeping your customers informed is crucial for successful deliveries, especially when shipping to pick-up points. Our new API method, currently available with UPS v2, allows you to share essential information such as the location, opening hours, and type of pickup point with your customers. By providing these details, you can ensure smoother and more convenient deliveries.

Contact our experts to learn more about this feature and how it can enhance your business operations.


Introducing DelNext: a strategic Carrier for Portugal

We are excited to introduce DelNext, a strategic carrier that will help you expand your reach in Portugal.

DelNext offers a wide range of reliable and secure shipping services, including same-day express delivery, cash-on-delivery options, and access to over 500 pickup and delivery points across the country.

Connect with DelNext to take advantage of these services and improve your delivery experience in Portugal.

Connect Maersk E-Delivery Final Mile

Maersk E-Delivery Final Mile is an innovative service from Maersk [formerly B2C Europe], a global leader in integrated logistics. This service provides efficient and rapid last-mile delivery solutions. You can now easily connect Maersk E-Delivery Final Mile to your ShippyPro account in just a few steps, ensuring faster and more reliable deliveries to your customers.

Enhanced signature options with MyDHL

We have expanded our signature options available through MyDHL. If your contract includes these options, you can now select two new types of delivery signatures:

  • Adult Signature (requiring an adult to sign upon delivery) 
  • Direct Signature (ensuring the package is delivered only to the specified recipient or their representative).

These options provide added security and assurance for your shipments. Learn how to connect MyDHL and utilise these new signature options today.

New Service: BRT Fresh

We are pleased to announce the integration of BRT Fresh, a dedicated service for transporting and delivering fresh food products at controlled temperatures between 0 and 4 °C. If you use BRT Fresh for your deliveries, you can now print your labels with ShippyPro, ensuring that your perishable goods are handled with the utmost care and efficiency.

Chrono 18H Letterbox Delivery by Chronopost (1)

Chronopost’s Chrono 18H Letterbox delivery service is now available. This service allows you to deliver parcels to your customer’s letterbox by the next day without requiring a signature. If this service is included in your contract, you can easily select it and start using it for your shipments with Chronopost, offering your customers greater convenience and faster delivery times.

What's next? 

At ShippyPro, we continuously strive to provide you with the best tools and integrations to streamline your shipping processes. Our latest updates and new features are designed to enhance your shipping experience, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and convenience. Connect with our new carriers, utilise advanced delivery options, and stay ahead in the competitive shipping industry.

For further details and step-by-step guides on how to connect these new services and features, visit our help centre or contact our support team.


ShippyPro Team

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