Unless you are Amazon,
you can't afford mistakes

ShippyPro Pick Pack Ship
makes shipping errors impossible for anyone

So advanced that nobody can go wrong

Avoid annoying and expensive returns thanks to a technology that makes picking and shipping easy as a walk in the park warehouse

Returns caused by wrong items sent account for 62% of returns, costing up to 4% of annual revenues

Optimized picking systems don't solve the issues that comes when packing

ShippyPro is the only pick and pack software integrating optimized picking and shipping in a single app.

Watch it in action!

How it works

The orders are automatically retrieved from your selling platforms and moved onto a digital picking list

A voice assistant tells the picker where to go and what to pick in order to optimize routes, along with barcode scanning to avoid any mistake

When packing, barcode scanning double checks the order is correctly fulfilled and triggers the printing of the label to be placed on the package

Results of an optimized process

Errors drop to 0%

The mix of voice assistance and barcode scanning makes mistakes impossible even for a chaos master

Optimized routes

Walking from a location to another in the warehouse is estimated to account for 40% of total picking time. Stop zigzagging and fulfill orders faster

Train pickers faster

ShippyPro is so intuitive that you won't need to train any new hire. The system literally tells the picker what to do.

Christmas is coming…
be prepared!

ShippyPro is trusted by more than 5,000 E-commerce companies around the world

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