We caught up with the packaging company noissue to talk about all things sustainable in the shipping industry. With unique, handcrafted packaging solutions, you can build your brand with every personable design. Recyclable mailers? Check. Every order plants a tree? Check. Here you’ll find noissue’s answers to how they created a luxury paper goods company that’s also good for the planet:

Q: What inspired you to create noissue? 

A: The idea for noissue came about when our co-founders Josh and Augie were looking for packaging for their sustainable eyewear business (a previous venture of theirs). They ended up sourcing their own packaging, and when they launched, they found that their stockists were just as interested in their custom, sustainable packaging as they were the eyewear. They decided to make custom, sustainable packaging more attainable for small businesses, and that’s how noissue got started! 

Q: Why is sustainable packaging with compostable mailers more critical than ever? 

A: Consumers are becoming more aware of the effects that waste and new plastics have on the environment; they understand that packaging is a component of that. With the rise of e–commerce and the ease of online shopping and delivery, more and more parcels and packages are being sent each year. Using compostable or recyclable packaging materials helps give packaging a second life

Q: Why is it important to shop small from your perspective? 

A: We love supporting small businesses and seeing ideas and passions grow from a one person operation into a team! Shopping small helps these entrepreneurs make a difference, supports the community they work and live in, and offers the opportunity for these businesses to grow. When shopping small, you often get more unique pieces, quality materials, and original designs. There are so many benefits. 

Q: People can plant a tree with every noissue order? Tell us about this! 

A: When you become a noissue customer, you are given an opportunity to join our Eco-Packaging Alliance, which allows you to plant a tree in an area in need of reforestation.

Q: How have you made sustainability accessible, personal, and understandable to your clients?

A: We created the Eco-Packaging Alliance to make sustainability more accessible and personable. As part of the Eco-Packaging Alliance, you’ll get to plant a tree with every order, and get access to a badge you can use on your packaging, site, or storefront that shows you’re using sustainable packaging in your business. To help anyone starting out or wanting to know more about sustainability, we write articles on our blog that talk about why we use soy-inks, an explainer on what makes our products compostable, reusable, or made from recycled materials, and often write tips and how-tos on running a small business sustainably. 

We also feature customers in our Eco-Packaging customer stories where we profile small businesses using noissue packaging, hoping to inspire other small businesses to take that step! 

Q: How can clients create a brand identity with packaging? 

A: Packaging is part of your branding. Custom packaging adds a layer of memorability for your brand and is hugely important for the customer experience. When they see it wrapped or they unbox it, it’s an experience, and with custom packaging it can be the perfect moment for your customers. It’s also really sharable and photogenic, which is another great way to drive brand awareness. 

Q: How has noissue created community during the pandemic? 

A: This isn’t pandemic-specific, but we want to be a helpful resource for independent and small businesses, makers and brands. When the pandemic started, there was a lot of uncertainty for many small businesses, so we decided to put together a guide to navigating Covid19, so that small businesses would know and understand all the different resources that are available to them. We also published more customer features to help bring visibility to some awesome businesses, makers, brands, and creatives in our community. 

With noissue, we all show up for our planet and each other. As noissue states, “With the rise of e–commerce and the ease of online shopping and delivery, more and more parcels and packages are being sent each year.” ShippyPro and noissue both believe in a community approach founded on reliability in order to create the most personable customer experience anywhere in the world. With our teams committed to you, count on affordable packaging and easy shipping solutions this holiday season, no matter the destination.

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