An electronic invoice for customs will help you accelerate the process of customs clearance and avoid errors in the management of your merchandise. In this way, your order will arrive on time and your customers will be satisfied. 

Carrying out customs clearance is a slow process. So today we will explain how you can speed up this process to save time, money and avoid failures. Go for it. 

Complete Guide to Ecommerce International Shipping

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Customs Clearance

Customs clearance is a slow process that can be expedited with the electronic invoice for customs.

Customs clearance consists of various procedures and operations that must be carried out to coordinate, control and approve merchandise entering or leaving a country.

It is a process in which information about what is going to be exported or imported has to be delivered in order to ensure that all taxes have been paid.

Depending on the country, merchants will have to deliver different documents. In many countries, for example, you have to present a commercial invoice, which can be done through an electronic invoice for customs, a list with the contents of the products and transport documents. 

Normally, this procedure is carried out digitally by the customs officer who is responsible for carrying out the process on behalf of the client. 

Once the merchandise has been presented, digitally, customs will assign a channel that will be responsible for assessing the risks. Depending on the products with which it is being traded, the channel can be: 

  1. Green that would indicate an automatic authorization of the release of the merchandise
  2. Orange where the documentation is examined and checked
  3. Red that involves physically checking of products and documents    

Customs clearance is an important step for any e-commerce that wants to sell in other countries or receive merchandise from abroad. So streamlining the process will benefit your online business.   

Complete Guide to Ecommerce International Shipping

E-commerce and electronic invoice for customs

The electronic invoice for customs helps you avoid mistakes and better manage your shipments

To perform customs procedures faster you must take into account certain steps. One of them is that you have to forget about paper invoices.

With the electronic invoice for customs, the information will be available in electronic format and customs clearance will be carried out on time.

Another point you should keep in mind when making customs clearance is to choose one of the best courier services. Make sure you are working with one that makes international shipments. 

A good courier service will help you deliver orders on time. And so you will have a satisfied customer since he will have a good experience buying in your e-commerce. 

If you use several courier service you can select the one that guarantees order delivery in less time

Digitize your customs procedures 

Digitize the customs clearance process with the commercial electronic invoice.

International shipments have many benefits for your e-commerce. They make your business grow, reach a wider audience and multiply your benefits. 

However, for this to happen, it is important that you meet the estimated delivery time for international shipments.

As we have mentioned, one of the easiest ways to expedite customs clearance is through an electronic invoice for customs. 

Performing this process digitally, instead of doing it with paper invoices, will ensure that delivery is on time and that you meet the estimated delivery time. 

Digitizing your paperwork has many advantages. For example:

  1. Reduce the risk of losing a document attached to the goods.
  2. Eliminate the need to enter data repeatedly. This will save you time and prevent you from making mistakes.
  3. Possibility to send the documents to your customs representative before. In this way the customs clearance process will begin before the merchandise arrives at customs.
  4. Receive alert messages informing you of any problem at customs that may cause delays.
  5. The value of the merchandise remains confidential when the shipments are made directly to the consumer.
  6. Help the environment by eliminating unnecessary paperwork.
Complete Guide to Ecommerce International Shipping

Companies that offer a paperless service

There are currently several courier companies that offer an electronic invoice service for customs.

UPS offers the Paperless UPS service so you can forget about paper. This Invoices are a great tool to ensure that customs clearance is carried out on time. UPS Paperless commercial invoices work with any shipping system your e-commerce is working with.

FEDEX is another company that helps electronic business owners with their customs procedures. You can send Customs documentation with FEDEX electronically, avoiding losing paper. Fill out the customs clearance form with FEDEX and save time.

ShippyPro Enterprise

In addition to the electronic invoice for customs, there are other tools that help you expedite your shipments.

ShippyPro Enterprise is a software to send the documents directly to the carrier to optimize the pick-up service. This tool also allows you to automatically generate both shipping and return labels.

But it doesn’t have to be with the same carrier. With ShippyPro you can choose a courier company for shipping and another for return. Our tool allows you to select the best transport offer to save you time and money.

If you want to optimize your logistics, ShippyPro Entreprise is an indispensable software for your e-commerce. It will help you improve the quality of your shipments to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty to your brand.

An integration that offers global reach. Use our API carriers library to ship with more than 100 carriers

With ShippyPro Entreprise you can:

  • Save an average of one hundred hours a month with our software to create labels
  • Increase the good reviews of your e-commerce
  • Reduce the shipping costs of your e-commerce by 25%
  • Get more customers

Today we work with more than 100 carriers to help you improve the quality of your shipments.

In less than a week, you can integrate the courier companies that you like most to your e-commerce and start enjoying the benefits. Now you know, forget the paper and speed up your shipments!

Complete Guide to Ecommerce International Shipping