Peak Season is arriving and nothing will be the same.

It’s time for merchants to organize their supply chain and be prepared to manage a huge number of orders.

Finding your best partner and solution it’s not easy, but in ShippyPro we know how to help you catch the peak season wave and support you with the easiest way to ship, track and return orders. This will enable you to offer the best shipping experience to each of your customers.

Discover how many e–commerce from different fields have found out in ShippyPro the perfect solution to optimize their shipping management and build a strong customer’s satisfaction.

Peak Season ShippyPro Content Hub

Have a look now at our partners’ stories and their successful cases!

– Rifò
The story of a sustainable Italian fashion brand that has launched the e–commerce channel choosing ShippyPro as the easiest solution ready to use.

– ArmadioVerde
Brand based on the circular economy principle that sells second hand garments. ShippyPro easily helps and optimizes all their shipping Carriers activities.

– Benasciutti Casa
It’s an Italian company focused on offering a wide range of high-end homeware brands. Thanks to email notification tools, ShippyPro can help them to increase their customer satisfaction.

– La Fourche
E–commerce platform that offers the purchase of organic products at low prices without compromising the quality. Thanks to ShippyPro this e–commerce business can better and easily manage the information flow between website and Carriers.


Rifò is an Italian fashion brand that creates new clothes with 100% recycled fibres. The company was born in Prato, an area where the textile artisan sector has been highly developed for over a century. 

They collect old cashmere sweaters and jeans and remake them into new stylish clothes. This way they promote the local and circular economy, whilst still creating fashionable clothes. 

We liked the idea of ​​being everywhere in a simple way and for this reason, e–commerce seemed a perfect choice.

ShippyPro was the simplest solution to use among those we evaluated: it is already connected with our Carriers and it has a very strong Support Team, always available and ready to answer”.

Before partnering up with ShippyPro, Rifò used to manage their shipping process manually: running their business has become easy since connecting their e–commerce to our platform. Now they can print labels in bulk and send automatic shipping notifications to improve their customer satisfaction!


Armadioverde was founded in 2015 by Eleonora Dellera and David Erba when they saw the terrible impact clothes have on the environment. That’s why they’ve created a community–based platform where users can regain value from no-longer-used clothing and promote the circular economy. 

The concept is very simple: you sell your old clothes and you get store credit in return. This way, you can renew your wardrobe for a fraction of the price, save money and reduce the environmental impact. 

Their second-hand marketplace was born in Italy, but it has recently expanded into French territory as well. Sustainability is at the heart of everything they do: they have already saved 2,7M cubic metres of water and 3600 tons of CO2 – the equivalent of 4500 flights between Rome and Delhi.

About ShippyPro they say:

We wanted a partner easy to integrate into our system. Efficient Customer Care makes ShippyPro the best partner for our needs. By selling used garments that the customer before delivers to us, collections are just as important shipments.

Being able to change or add a shipping Carrier based on commercial and business logic without changing our source code, gives us the advantage and freedoms that we did not have before.”

Benasciutti Casa 

Benasciutti Casa was created in the 1970s. The Italian company is focused on offering a wide range of high-end homeware brands, including household accessories and linen.

As an Italian brand putting the customer at the heart of their business, Benasciutti Casa started with door-to-door selling. Soon after, they set up two brick-and-mortar stores in the Ferrara area.

They built up strong brand awareness through word of mouth. Now the business has an online store as well, focused on bringing the same premium products to a wider audience.

But how could the brand keep offering customers a great shopping experience as they expanded?

Delivery is a key part of the consumer experience. But for a growing online shop, it was becoming too complicated to keep managing the shipping process manually. There was a risk of disappointing customers with a sub-par delivery service.

When searching for a partner to take on their shipping strategy, Benasciutti Casa decided on ShippyPro because:

It’s a young company, innovative, using the latest technology, who always has an answer and pays specific attention to customer needs. It’s a company who works with you to make you grow.”

ShippyPro’s most appreciated service by Benasciutti Casa is shipping email notifications. They’re sent automatically, so there’s far less work needed from the company. At the same time, it helps Benasciutti Casa stay close to their customers as their order is being shipped.

Another key ShippyPro module for Benasciutti Casa is the Track & Trace service. This allows merchants to control product shipments from one easy-to-use dashboard. It’s proved to be hugely beneficial for Benasciutti Casa. They stated that thanks to this features:

We immediately understand which shipments are having trouble, in order to fix it as fast as possible.”

Benasciutti Casa has enjoyed real benefits from its partnership with ShippyPro and they definitely recommend ShippyPro because it’s a real added-value, with a reasonable cost, easy to use, with all the benefits from automation (saving time and avoiding errors).

The platform is intuitive, updated with the latest technology and new modules, like Easy Return, that offers a smoother and optimized reverse logistic for both merchants and customers.

La Fourche

La Fourche is an online store of organic and ecological products that operates on a membership model and offers prices up to 50% cheaper than in the stores. La Fourche selects the most delicious organic products, the most respectful of our health and the environment.

The goal is to encourage positive consumption, and the order from organic producers.

Lucas Lefevbre, one of the founders of La Fourche says:

ShippyPro has allowed us to interface our various Carriers on the same card of choice of pick up points and to easily manage the flow of information between our site and the Carriers. Also, the user experience is much better.

Previously, users had to play with several geolocated maps to find the pick up points of the different Carriers, today everything is centralized in a single map.

Our credo is to reduce our margins to offer products with discounts of 20 to 50% compared to traditional commerce. We, therefore, need to be as efficient as possible in terms of logistics to reduce our costs and transfer this value to our members.”