Your e-commerce is growing and you’re losing control on some of your shipments in transit? Do you experience customers always asking about their deliveries so that you are not able to answer everybody?

Don’t worry: if you’re experiencing this, it mean you’re growing! What is important, is having a good shipping tracking system. 

Today we’ll show you a tool developed by ShippyPro‘s team: a shipping tracking software certified by major couriers and marketplaces. 

Shippypro’s shipping tracking software has really powerful features!


A unique dashboard where you will manage all ongoing shipments tracking


shipping tracking software


What you can do:

With a click you can filter your shipments tracking in:

  • Departed
  • In transit
  • In delivery
  • Exception
  • Delivery attempt done

shipping tracking application




Clicking on “shipment tracking” next to any shipping, you will see all the updates registered by the shipping tracking system in a fast way (and of course, without needing to check on the courier’s website or shipping tracking software). 


shipping tracking system


Just with another click, you will be able to send an automated email when your delivery goes in “Exception” status, asking your customer to provide additional info and contact the courier in order to schedule another delivery attempt.

shipping tracking software



  • Full control on your deliveries with an easy to use dashboard for shipment tracking
  • 50+ supported carriers, and you’ll need to use just 1 shipping tracking system
  • You will be able to perform a pro-active control, anticipating your customer in signaling and correcting all exceptions
  • How are your couriers performing? You will know everything with full access to groundbreaking stats
  • Send automated support emails


Would you say that deliveries could help your brand? – Our shipping tracking system sends customized automated emails to your customer

ShippyPro’s transactional emails are one of the tools that allow our users to reduce the time they dedicate to customer care up to 70%. Every time a change in the delivery status happens, customers receive live update emails so that they’re always perfectly informed.

shipping tracking software

Of course, you will always be able to fully customize the email template, providing your logo and customizing the message on your customer.

shipping tracking system


  • Mail and calls to customer care about deliveries and exceptions are reduced up to 95% 
  • Professional impression and Branding activities
  • Happier customers who try what a perfect delivery experience means



Shippypro allows also to generate a customized order tracking page: your customers will access from the link provided in the tracking mail directly to a page with all tracking updates, customized with your name and logo.


So, create right now a free Shippypro account in order to prove us: it is free forever, up to 30 orders per month.. take all the time you need to try it! You’re not requested a credit card or a fee to try our solution: you will only pay if you think Shippypro could really help your growth.


So, what about creating a FREE account?

shipping tracking system