E-commerce return rates have never been higher than in 2019. They have increased by 95% since 2014 and cost businesses a small fortune. Sector non-negligible, the return is now an integral part of the purchase. According to many studies, + 70% of consumers check return policies before their purchases.

From free return to process automation, an e-commerce company must now know how to turn returns into new sales. Even better, it must offer a unique experience to its customers with an automated returns process. Why? Because returns can become organic sources of loyalty and buyback from customers.

But how to transform a return in a new shopping opportunity for the consumer? And how to retain a customer who returns on his decision? First of all, you will need a good management tool and then an e-commerce strategy. Chance for you: ShippyPro offers you its best advice on the subject in the following lines.

How to find the right management tool for returns?

The reasons for product returns vary: defective products (59%), buyer’s remorse (42%), poor product representation (29%), …. Although this is a customer dissatisfaction, a return must be considered as an opportunity. That of evolving your business and generating more sales.


How? With automation! In order to choose the right e-commerce management tool, you need an automated management tool that must:

  1. Be able to solve operational problems by automating customer support for example.
  2. Offer a simplified, automated and quality RMA (Return Material Authorization) to speed up the returnprocess.
  3. Allow to send branded tracking emails to customers to boost cross-selling. This is to offer more items, if not totally different items, for a larger price basket.
  4. Analyze key performance indicators to optimize and understand returns.

In short, it is important to have a management tool that can handle returns efficiently. This form of management transforms customer returns into new sales and offers new forms of loyalty. Easy Return by ShippyPro offers a multitude of solutions and benefits for you and your customers.

Complete Guide to Ecommerce Returns

RMA and Easy Return, the ShippyPro solution

RMA is a formalized return management process. This process must be automated, because it’s what transform a return into a new sale.  Here are some of the advantages of choosing the RMA system: automatic data collection, automated procedures, time savings, customer loyalty, customer satisfaction and more.

ShippyPro’s Easy Return solution automates all return practices. With Easy Return, the return is no longer a fatality. On the contrary, customer returns are now new opportunities to make sales.

Here are 4 major advantages of using an automated return system like Easy Return:

  1. Setting of the return policy. Stress free management of the return policy and customization of the rules.
  2. Integration withyour platform. No more tabs, applications and windows. With a simple copy and paste of the script in your site or CMS, you have everything in one place.
  3. Possibility for customers to print their return label. A simple mail and problem solved. The return process is simplified.
  4. Access to the return statistics. An option to better understand the reasons for the returns of your products and customize the shopping experience of your customers.

These services simplify the return of your customers, helping you to establish a relationship of trust and loyalty. It is this relationship of trust that will drive your customers back to your e-commerce store.

Complete Guide to Ecommerce Returns

A return policy that stands out

As you can see, an excellent strategy in e-commerce is to simplify your return policy. But simplification is not the only method. The world of e-commerce is constantly evolving. An e-commerce company that seeks to optimize returns and turn them into new sales, must think beyond automation.

We have explained that loyalty requires simplification. Simplification for both the customer and the e-commerce company. In fact, a simplified return process return allows the company to use the time earned on other tasks. There are still some tips that ShippyPro wants to unveil to demarcate your return policy.

  • Be transparent. In 2019, a consumer wants to understand what he buys, how he receives it and how he can return it. It is important to play on transparency. Showing an easy and clear solution before purchases improve customers’ confidence.
  • Extend the return period. The flagship example of the giant IKEA and its 90 days of testing. The longer a customer has to test a product, the more confident he is. Bonus: the more time he has, the less he returns his products.
  • Improve your offers with customer returns. Always ask customers why they are returning the purchases. It’s a way to better understand their  behavior and also allows you to make some readjustments in order to better satisfy your consumers.

To conclude, a return policy is very important in an e-commerce business. The search for simplicity is an everyday struggle in the world of e-commerce. So to optimize a return policy, nothing better than an automated RMA. Fortunately, with solutions like ShippyPro Easy Return , you can be sure to always meet the needs of your customers and become an expert in turning customer returns into new sales!

Complete Guide to Ecommerce Returns