What companies out there use ShippyPro? We’ve got you covered. Andrea Mecacci, one of the co-founders of Tresarti (a digital tailoring business), spoke to us candidly about how shipping affects his business and how ShippyPro eases any stress in the process. Right here you’ll find all of Tresarti’s business tips, with their simple and reliable designs and service. Curious about Andrea’s favorite ShippyPro tool? So were we. Here, his answers:

Q: Can you explain how you thought of the concept of Tresarti? What sparked your initial idea?

A: Me and two other friends of mine (Giampiero and Alessandro, co-founders with me of Tresarti), started our first working experience together in a multinational company in Geneva. We found ourselves looking for shirts that were a little more formal.

Geneva prices seemed inaccessible to us, even when we approached the simplest industrial shirts. So we asked ourselves: Who would ever buy an industrial shirt compared to a handmade tailored one if the price is the same?

The truth, however, is that tailors abroad hardly exist; apparently they are only an Italian prerogative. And it doesn’t end there: in hindsight, Italian tailors don’t have internet. Therefore, when you are abroad you already know the tailor of your own home, or it is impossible to find one.

The real barrier to be solved? Taking measures.

To date, the measures can only be taken in two ways: either someone (the tailor) takes them for you, who does not exist abroad and cannot be found in Italy, or you take them yourself. But in fact people do not trust themselves in taking the measurements, especially when they have to buy a dress that is a little more expensive (because it is made to measure).

What if there was another way? Thus was born Tresarti.

We dream of making our magnificent sartorial tradition accessible to all, bringing it into the digital age.

None of us three have ever picked up a needle and thread. But we know how to plan and do marketing, and we would like to proudly be the tailors of tomorrow.

Q: What does Tresarti do that other tailoring companies don’t?

Tresarti shirt

A: We created an app that makes the tailoring experience easy, fast and at a fair price in just three steps from your smartphone:

  • Step n1: Design your shirt choosing between 20 million different combinations.
  • Step n2: Get measured digitally with just two pictures from your phone. 
  • Step n3: Get your shirt at home directly from Italy.

At the core of Tresarti there is an innovative and proprietary measuring system that estimates the user body measurements from two smartphone pictures. Such technology is very precise, reaching 97% accuracy on the body measurements with pending patent approval.

The measurement system is based on advanced Machine Learning methods. A deep learning algorithm is used to extract a 3D model of the user from the smartphone pictures.

From this 3D geometry we can estimate precisely the measurements of the body that are necessary to produce made-to-measure shirts.

Q: How have you founded your business on sustainability?

A: The topic of sustainability is one of the pillars of Tresarti’s concept.

First of all, Tresarti’s production process follows the rules of the sartorial tradition in respect of the Italian artisanal heritage: a strict code of sustainability. Indeed, in the vast offer include ranges of biological and recycled fabrics which are produced with low waste techniques.

Tresarti shirts

Secondly, with our iOS D2C app and the Digital Tailor Corner, we allow consumers and shops to overcome one of the main sources of waste of the apparel industry: returns. In a single year, returns make 5 billion pounds of waste (3x the amount of waste the entire city of Seattle generates in a year), cause 15 million metric tons of CO2 emissions from transportations, and account for $400 billion worth of merchandise. 

Q: What is the most important thing you’ve learned as an ecommerce business owner?

A: As ecommerce of tailor-made shirts, we felt on our skin the importance of being true to our proposition: make the tailoring experience easy, fast, and at a fair price.

Q: Can you describe a time your business faced a challenge with shipping and how you overcame it?

A: Shipping, especially overseas, requires attention in providing the right information and documentation for the service provider to complete services in a seamless way. One time we had our shirts stuck at the shipper because the wrong information was provided. Thanks to communication and a number of calls, we managed to fix the issue.

Having a platform capable of simplifying and clarifying the information needed would have helped us immensely.

Q: What does customer satisfaction look like to you?

A: Delivering true made-in-Italy, high-quality, and perfect fitting shirts in a short amount of time, requiring the least effort possible for the consumers with no returns.

Q: How does the Tresarti app help make the tailoring experience easier for customers?

A: Creating a new and unique digital experience online. Previously, a consumer would have had to find a tailor, book an appointment, and go multiple times to the tailor to get measured and try the fit. Then he would have had to wait weeks for the product to be produced and pay a premium price for it.

Now the consumer can create his own tailor-made shirt from his living room, or wherever he wants and receive it at home in three weeks thanks to our app.

Q: Tresarti is known for being fast, easy, and convenient. How has ShippyPro increased these aspects of your business?

A: Our product is fast, easy and convenient, and we found the perfect shipping partner in ShippyPro that combines these three aspects. ShippyPro allows us to be fast in delivering our custom-made shirts. By wasting less time in printing our shipping labels, we can focus more on understanding our customers’ needs and increasing our sales. With ShippyPro, we really went from doing things manually to automating them with the platform, having all our Carriers linked with our Sales Channels, finally. Thanks to the shipping rate comparison, we’re able to choose the most convenient rate that our carriers offer, automatically. Since we ship worldwide, this feature has been very helpful to us.

Tresarti shirt

Q: What is your favorite ShippyPro feature?

A: The feature that we love most is Track and Trace. As soon as we ship the package, ShippyPro keeps our customers informed about their shipment with detailed tracking emails. This way, we make sure that our customers have the best delivery experience possible. And we can see the exact location of the package as well and be notified when an exception occurs. Our customer service is therefore more reliable, proactive, and free from tracking requests

Q: How does Tresarti handle returns?

A: ShippyPro is essential in making our return process run smoothly. Whenever a customer asks for a return, we send them a return portal directly per email. We set specific return rules with return conditions, so the return request is approved or denied automatically based on product value, country, return reason, and so on.

Q: How have you seen technology change the game of shipping?

A: Big players like Amazon and AliExpress brought new standards of service to the ecommerce world: instant delivery and low cost shipping rates. If you’re going to be successful selling online, it’s going to be through finding ways to approach these standards. And I think ShippyPro is the right shipping partner to do this!

Q: What would you like to tell business owners who are considering using ShippyPro?

A: I would tell them: try it. As soon as you try it, you’ll understand. Our shipping process was very time consuming since we had to copy and paste each address. Now we save precious time every day, and we can focus on making our brand grow.  

Take it from the successful business of Tresarti. Quick delivery with low shipping rates should not be a fancy addition, but a necessity of any company trying to fully support its customers. Service matters. Here, it’s been proven. ShippyPro offers modern shipping technology so every piece is delivered with satisfaction, ease, and convenience. Want to improve your service? Count on us. We’ll track and trace every part of the shipping process so you don’t have to.