How long does it take you to manually export orders from Amazon to send the data to the courier? How tough can it be to upload shipments on different courier websites? In this article we will show you how you can automate these processes to save time and money, with two alternatives: CSV Amazon Export, automated synchronization.

Order fulfillment

You invest time and money to increase orders on your online store, and when sales are coming (and increasing), it is time for hard work. Order management and shipment process are crucial to a successful sale and a good shopping experience for your customer, if satisfied, will buy again from your online store. Generally, the uploading process of the received orders on courier’s websites involves the following steps, if it is done manually:

  1. Export orders from the website or marketplace

The first step is to download the received orders, which you want to send, from your online store. This applies to both your own e-commerce and the marketplace you use to sell your products.

  1. Check and format

Once you have downloaded the CSV or XML file through CSV Amazon Export, you have about all the orders you want to send. It is necessary then, to make a validation check and, above all, to modify and fix the file to make it compatible with the specifications of the courier’s web service.

  1. Upload on the shipping carriers’ website

Once you have done the checking and alignments, you can finally upload your orders on each couriers’ website after, obviously, having divided them by destination or weight in order to take advantage of the best fares offered by each carrier.

Managing this process may take half a day of a person’s job. If you make a lot of sales online, you will need a resource completely dedicated to managing this activity.

What are the risks of this process and, above all, what causes an increase of management costs and time to do these activities?

  • Managing a large amount of data

Hopefully, the number of orders from your website and the various marketplaces you are on will force you to manage a large amount of data with a high risk of mistakes.

  • Compatibility between formats

Various marketplaces, (from which you have to export orders and different courier portals on which you have to upload the orders which you want to send require some manual formatting modifications of the files to), make them compatible on different platforms. The result? A lot of time required for this activity and consequent costs.

  • Choice between different couriers

If you manage an e-commerce you will hardly need only one courier to send your orders. Different carriers offer different fares depending on the weight, size and destination of the product. You may find yourself having to edit the file containing the orders to split between the different carriers resulting in a dilation in time and in risks of mistakes.

XML or CSV Amazon Export

If you work on different platforms, you know the different processes of orders’ import and export on each platform.

Amazon allows you to download the list of received orders on your Reseller account in Order > Order History > Order not shipped > Request Report. The file is provided in txt format, which requires some manual steps to allow you to convert it to a CSV file. CSV Amazon export option allows you to obtain a file which is very useful but, as we’ve seen, it can cause problems when passed to the courier.


So, how can you improve this process to save time and costs? 

ShippyPro’s automatic management software allows you to handle orders’ export from your store and from all marketplaces and CMS you are on, synchronizing those on the carriers’ websites with a simple click.

What are the benefits of such a solution?

  • Automatic data export

You will be able to export orders from your e-commerce and all marketplaces you are on with just a click.

  • Guaranteed compatibility

ShippyPro connects all marketplaces and carriers’ websites to ensure a perfect compatibility of the shared information.

  • Creation of shipping labels in bulk

ShippyPro automatic order management software allows you to automatically create all the shipping labels by connecting your active accounts with your couriers.

We can summarize the benefits of using an automated software such as ShippyPro in two key elements: reduction of management time and reduction of total costs of the business.


So, what about creating a FREE Shippypro account in order to reap the benefits of this automated system?: it is free forever, up to 30 orders per month.. take all the time you need to try it! You’re not requested to input credit card information or a fee to try our solution: you will only pay if you think ShippyPro could really help your growth long term.

CSV Amazon Export