There are many methods to sell online in Italy. You can do it all by yourself, with your own site and by relying on the carriers who guarantee you the most advantageous conditions. Or you could choose to sell on one of the Top 10 Marketplaces in Italy.

Marketplaces that sell all types of products or marketplaces specialized in particular sectors, which we will see better shortly. It matters little. What matters is that signing up and selling on one of these marketplaces can be a great way to grow your business.

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The data of online commerce in Italy

If you are still undecided on opening an online store this data could convince you.

Data recorded on e-commerce in Italy show constant growth. Italy is not at the top in terms of the online market, but, according to data from Casaleggio Associati, B2C sales in 2018 exceeded 40 billion euros, with an 18% growth compared to the previous year.

38 million Italians (62% of the total population) made at least one online purchase, demonstrating a growing trend and also granting opportunities for your own brand.

But why sell on a Marketplace and not do everything yourself? Before analyzing the most used platforms, let’s briefly see the most immediate advantages.

Why is selling on a Marketplace worthwhile?

If you are wondering why you should choose to sell online on a Marketplace instead of doing it all by yourself, think about Amazon or Ebay. Their popularity is boundless. According to Big Commerce data, Amazon has reached 36% of online sales, while Ebay, although less popular, still boasts 8% of total online sales.

Selling on a Marketplace entails signing up on one of these platforms, entering into a contract and taking advantage of the echo that big names can offer to your products.

You will no longer be a small invisible e-commerce on Google, but you will appear in the search results of thousands of people. In some cases, you will not even have to worry about managing the warehouse or customer service because, by paying a monthly fee, you will entrust the sales and after-sales process to the Marketplace.

And now? Are you curious to know which are the 10 top Marketplaces to sell online in Italy? Keep reading and you will discover them.

The Top 10 Marketplaces to sell online in Italy Marketplcace Home page

How to sell on Amazon

When you think of a Marketplace, maybe the first name that comes to your mind is Amazon. This is a common thought for many given that the data reported in this article states that 10 thousand Italian companies trusted Amazon and sold products for more than 350 million euros.

Not a bad figure, which goes hand in hand with the over 800 million euros invested in Italy by the giant of Jeff Bezos starting from 2010, the year in which was born.

To sell on Amazon you can proceed in 2 ways:

  • Sell ​​with FBA, i.e. Fulfillment by Amazon. In this case, you send your products to Amazon and then you don’t have to do anything else, because the platform will manage inventory, warehouse, shipments and customer service. With Amazon FBA you can also ship orders received on other marketplaces. A very advantageous system, which must however be carefully evaluated because it has different costs: the main ones are the membership fee to FBA and the shipping costs to the Amazon warehouse.
  • Sell with the Merchant FBM process, i.e. managing the sales process from start to finish. On one side, the profit margin with FBM is greater than the FBA system. On the other, managing everything on your own forces you to adapt to Amazon’s quality standards regarding shipping and customer service, otherwise you risk receiving negative reviews.

Amazon is therefore a great sounding board for your products, but it is not the only one.

Ebay Marketplace

How to sell on Ebay

Even if you don’t sell on Ebay, it is very likely that you have purchased or researched on this historic platform, of which ShippyPro is an accredited partner.

Despite being online for many years, Ebay continues to grow and between 2016 and 2018 increased its turnover by almost 20%.

In short, Ebay is definitely an excellent solution for selling online in Italy, but let’s see what steps you need to take to upload your products on this platform and show them to millions of potential customers.

First of all, you can choose whether to register as a private individual or as a company. In the second case you can load many more products at a discounted price. Next, you will need to decide whether to auction your items or set a fixed price. It is essential that each object is accompanied by a photo that faithfully represents it and a detailed description.

In short, selling on Ebay is easy and the reviews you get will quickly grow your brand. Marketplace

How to sell on Zalando

Zalando is the reference Marketplace if you want to sell clothing, shoes and fashion accessories. Born just in 2008 in Berlin, it can already boast a turnover of over 5 billion euros and 924 million visits to the site only in the first quarter of 2019.

Recently it announced its commitment to become 100% sustainable and decrease carbon dioxide emissions.

If you want to sell online with Zalando, you must join the Partner Program, that is, become an official partner.

No matter how large and structured your business is, the important thing is to meet the requirements imposed by the platform, namely:

  • Sell ​​products that fall into the categories of clothing, shoes, sportswear and accessories.
  • Offer free returns.
  • Respect the return policy.
ePrice marketplace home page

How to sell on ePrice

Are you a Merchant who sells PCs, telephones, appliances or other household items? Then you might think of selling online on a Marketplace like ePrice. With an all-Italian identity and a catalog of over 5 million different products, ePRICE is a rapidly growing Marketplace.

To start selling you must:

  1. Register by providing company registration, documents, bank details and contact information.
  2. Upload your inventory.
  3. Manage sales, shipping and customer service on your own.

ePrice can be the right choice if you, like this Marketplace, are a growing brand and want to establish yourself in the Italian market.

IBS Marketplace

How to sell on IBS

IBS, which stands for Internet Bookshop Italy, is a historic brand of Italian e-commerce. Active for twenty years, it is the reference point for those who want to sell and buy books online and surely, if you are a Merchant in this sector, you had something to do with it. In 2010, it was also the first Italian e-commerce to sell eBooks.

To sell online on IBS you must contact support and sign an agreement that will allow you to manage your orders independently, with the advantage of offering you to an audience of 3 million registered users. You will receive guaranteed payments and you will receive constant assistance from the IBS team.

With a minimum investment, you can then start selling books, eBooks, DVDs, CDs, stationery and objects dedicated to leisure.

Sell online in Italy: Wish

How to sell on Wish

With Wish you will have to manage orders and returns by yourself, but you will enjoy the great advantage of reaching millions of Italians. Wish is in fact a very popular Marketplace all over the world, characterized by the offer of very cheap products. It is therefore ideal if you sell low-cost items.

Born as a site to track your purchases, in 2013 it became an online sales platform. Its delivery times are very long, but this does not affect its popularity, which is constantly increasing.

To sell online on Wish, just create a seller account and upload your products. Account creation is free, so if you have a low budget, you may want to rely on Wish.

When you sell a product, you have to ship it within 5 working days and Wish will retain 15% from each sale.

Etsy is the right Marketplace to sell online in Italy if you sell handmade clothes and jewelry

How to sell on Etsy

Etsy is the realm of handmade or vintage objects. Your point of reference if you focus on these categories. With hundreds of millions of monthly visits and 25 million buyers, Etsy is ideal if you want to turn your passion into a successful brand.

Handmade clothes and jewelry are among the most purchased items on this Marketplace, which allows you to sell very cheaply. In fact, just sign up and upload photos and descriptions of your products. Etsy will not ask you for a monthly fee, but will only retain an insertion fee and a 3.5% commission on the final price.

In conclusion, Etsy is an excellent Marketplace if you want to sell online:

  • handmade and customizable products.
  • items at very competitive prices.
  • eco-sustainable products that respect the environment.
Top 10 Marketplaces in Italy: Asos

How to sell on Asos

Asos is a Marketplace dedicated to the fashion world, founded in London in 2000. It could be your choice if you want to sell clothing, shoes, sportswear, and accessories online. With an 11% growth rate in the period March-June 2019, which has brought world sales to an overall figure of 992 million euros, Asos will give you the opportunity to reach millions of potential customers also in Italy.

To sell online on Asos you can choose 2 options:

  1. Sell ​​vintage clothes by creating your own boutique, with photos and descriptions. From the sale of each dress, Asos will retain 10%.
  2. Sell ​​more professionally with the Digital Fashion Marketplace system. Ideal if you are a young designer who wants to make himself known. In this case the commission will be 15%.

Asos has a style in line with the needs of the youngest, so a useful tip is to photograph the clothes in a street style scenario and not on a simple mannequin.

ManoMano is one of the top 10 Marketplaces to sell in Italy

How to sell on ManoMano

ManoMano’s focus is on the sale of objects for DIY and gardening. ManoMano is a very young e-commerce, born in 2013 in France and arrived in 2015 in Italy.

If you are a Merchant who sells tools, garden objects, stoves, air conditioners or building supplies, ManoMano is the right Marketplace for you.

To start selling with ManoMano you will have to meet high standards regarding the offer of your catalog, customer service, prices and feedback.

In particular, the strength of ManoMano is customer service:if you want to sell online on this Marketplace, you will have to guarantee fast shipments and constant assistance to customers.

Top 10 Marketplaces in Italy: Privalia

How to sell on Privalia

Privalia is a Marketplace that is part of the French group Veepee, an e-commerce born in 2001. As the name suggests, Privalia organizes limited-time sales-events and to individual brands, reserved only for members of the site.

It is focused on the fashion sector and boasts millions of customers worldwide.

To sell on Privalia you must first fill in a registration form. After a careful evaluation, Privalia will decide if you can become its partner and start selling online on the Marketplace. The big advantage of selling on Privalia is that the platform will handle sales, shipping and customer service.

Furthermore, being an e-commerce that focuses on customer loyalty, you can offer discounts and incentives to create an audience of loyal buyers.

Start selling online in Italy now

As you have seen, the possibilities for selling online in Italy are many and range from books to clothing, from DIY to crafts.

In summary, by selling on one of these marketplaces you can:

  • Propose your products to millions of customers, taking advantage of the popularity of large e-commerce.
  • Expand into a growing market, not yet at the level of the large neighboring countries but capable of reaching them in the coming years.
  • Sell ​​without worrying, if the Marketplace offers these services, about the warehouse, shipping, and customer service.
  • Offer your products in Italy and abroad, in the case of e-commerce spread outside Italian borders.

If you haven’t started yet, this could be the right time to sell online on an Italian Marketplace.

Optimize the shipping process with ShippyPro

Now that you are familiar with the 10 best Marketplaces to sell online in Italy, the next important step is thinking about your shipping strategy. 

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A complete shipping platform for e–commerce, which offers features like:

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