From the outsiders’ perspective, e-commerce may appear easy. Publish an item, receive the order, ship and.. done!
But as we know, E in E-commerce doesn’t stand for “easy”.

A vendor must be capable of finding the right products, and the individual must know how to acquire customers or appear in top position within the marketplace. Moreover, an individual must be an expert in  not only logistics, but also, shipping and post-selling marketing in order to succeed.

Often we wrongly assume that packaging and shipping, in turn, has no potential for gaining a competitive advantage or boost in sales.

As a result, we want to unveil 4 Precious Shipping Hacks + 1 EXTRA that all online vendors must know to make their business revenue soar!

Shipping Hacks: #1 – Don’t waste a minute more in shipping: your customer is already trembling!

There is nothing more stressful for a seller than receiving a e-mail from a customer asking “WHERE’S MY ORDER?”  – knowing fully that the aforementioned customer will not receive the order in less than 48 hours because we’re slow in preparing orders for shipping.

Shipping is the operation normally associated with less generated value in e-commerce: when an order arrives, you are then pressed to produce a shipping label as quick as possible!

How can a vendor improve in this category? Two tips:

  • Simple & cheap

Use an automated shipping software as a shipping label generator. The software developed by our team not only allows you to receive the order, but also, select the best courier and generate a batch of shipping labels in less than a second !

We have helped hundreds of professional sellers in eliminating this problem for good and scale up their business, increasing sales without slowing down order delivery. 

You can watch a simple 1-minute demo, here

  • Harder & costful, but top performing

Fulfill externally. Amazon offers FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) for both the orders you receive on Amazon and the ones you receive from other sources (but nobody quite knows that). It will be sufficient to ask Amazon to fulfill an order and FBA will do it for you!

The result for your customers is excellent, but the fulfillment will be a little more expensive. As a result, be careful that you have high enough profit margins and a good turnover for your top sell products.


Shipping Hacks: #2– Take advantage of every courier’s strong point

Every courier has a top service. When you are able to know the best available services and organize them cohesively within one marketplace platform you are able to offer a unique service. 

Some couriers deliver in 1 day everywhere, others send SMS notification to your customer, others offer many pick point.

Only considering the shipping price while deciding which services to use, will not help your e-commerce in achieving success.

Always talk with your courier!

Explain you’re in e-commerce, that your business will grow every month and that you will receive their offer, even if it’s not the cheapest, if you are offered a good service that will bring satisfaction to your customers.

That’s because only e-commerce experts know that:
– If the customer perceives that the delivery has been organized with care, she will be happy, suggest your site to others and become a frequent customer.

– The customer is usually cautious while shopping online, but if you make them feel the attention and quality you offer.. you and your customer will live happily ever after!

shipping hacks

The software we developed allow for the best online sellers to organize carrier management with extreme precision. We developed an algorithm which is innovative and unique. This algorithm allows you, in an automated and intelligent way, to clearly understand and decipher which is the best partner you can offer your shipping, based on many conditions such as the following: (rate, location, remote areas, delivery time, additional services)

Shipping hacks

Shipping Hacks: #3 – When the order is delivered, you’re just half the way: keep on selling!

Did you know that more than 90% of your competitors don’t have an ‘after shipping’ strategy because they didn’t even know they could have one?

Do you know how much you’re losing without a good ‘after shipping’ strategy? A great possibility to immediately resell to your satisfied customer. Don’t waste another day without taking advantage of this opportunity!

How can I formulate a successful ‘after shipping’ strategy? It is really simple! Let us break it down: 

  • Understand what your customer wants and translate it into an added value you offer:
    the customer wants to receive the order fast and they want to be informed. With a professional and customized transactional-email for tracking, you can show that successful and organized delivery is of the upmost importance and, as a result, the order has been given to the best partner which will deliver your order quickly. 
    Here you can see how to create and customize a professional tracking email.

  • Keep your customer informed with updates on the delivery. Some couriers provide live updates, but it is usually a premium service which you will be charged for. With Shippypro you can send these updates for free, included in your plan. Your customer will be very impressed in being served by a store that knows how to do e-commerce with such speed and precision. 

  • When the item has been delivered, send a reselling email. If you delighted your customer with  a great delivery experience, a good packaging and a quality product, the customer will listen to you again, and maybe shop again.  Propose something unique to thank he and increase your customer fidelization. Whenever a customer remembers your site, what you’re selling and the great shopping experience they experienced, they will seek to buy again and suggest your shop to friends and colleagues. Try to offer three related products, with a unique deal, proposing a limited offer which will last some hours reserved to customers. The customer must be attracted by your offer!

Transactional Emails

Shipping Hacks: #4 – Create a targeted database 

After you receive an order, save your customer’s data: what she bought, how much orders she did etc. Basing on these datas create segments and send unique targeted promotions to your customers. 

Always offer the right product to the right customer and propose great products at an interesting price… you will certainly succeed!

A thoroughly constructed ‘after shipping email’ reports conversion rates up to  5%!

This means that for every 100 customers, 5 buy again from you, just with a simple mail!

Don’t worry our team here at ShippyPro has automated this function for you! Providing the e-commerce we’re powering with a professional tool that allows to organize a targeted database with stats and all useful information to send a unique email and generate new orders in a simple way!

shipping hacks

Shipping Hacks: BONUS! Trasform your worried customers into happy customers!

Customer care is costly and stressful, when you have to answer worried customers because their order hasn’t arrived yet. 

Furthermore, sellers usually are reluctant to answer their worried customers, and hope customers don’t ask too much! However, that’s a moment in which your customer enters in contact with you: show you’re professional, well organized, and interested in giving them the absolute best service!

Another ShippyPro tool is track&trace, live updating the seller on the delivery status, and allowing the seller to intervene even before the customer notices there is a problem.

shipping hacks

You will be able to answer your customer: “Hi John, your order was on hold but we already have ordered a new delivery attempt today. We will verify if everything goes well!”

A simple call or mail the day after and your customer will be enthusiastic.. aaaand, you can propose him another related product with a good discount!! Your happy customer will listen to you and make you happy too!

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