Amanda Dettmann is a graduate student at New York University, studying for her MFA in Creative Writing: Poetry. She’s originally from Maine, and loves anything to do with reading, baking, watching movies, and exploring cities around the world. She’s taught English in many places, including Jinotega, Nicaragua, and Florence, Italy. Her passion is teaching creative writing so more young people can find their voice and share it. “I believe vulnerability is our greatest superpower,” she says.

Discover this young writer’s story about her time in NYC and how shipping has affected her big move. 

Q: How are you liking NYC? 

A: I absolutely love it here. I look out my window and there is a 30 story apartment across from me. Every day I see new people and hear unique stories. I feel so grateful I can live here and explore the area while writing. New York City is so much life. So much love. 

Q: After moving to one of the biggest cities in the world, have your ideas  around shipping changed along with your lifestyle?

A: I had to order a lot of things such as a bed frame, mattress, bookshelf, microwave, nightstand, and dresser to name a few. I planned everything out to arrive to my apartment in time and was very happy that nothing was broken. Although I have a bookstore close by, sometimes I’m frustrated if I can’t find the book I’m looking for. In those cases, I search online for specific books to be shipped. Things in the city might seem close but can actually be a 40 minute train ride away. It’s been handy ordering things online and going down to the mailroom to pick them up.

Because it’s a “go go go” lifestyle here with such hard workers and fast speeds, I love when items I’m purchasing can be sent efficiently and safely to my apartment

Q: If you could name the three most important things you consider in a  shipping company, what would they be? 

A: Speed, the ability to track my package, and everything arriving intact. Nothing damaged! 

Q: What kinds of products do you usually have shipped to your apartment? 

A: Books. Magazines. Clothes. Lotion and makeup. Hardware items (i.e.  Command hooks). I once had a mirror shipped because my other one fell off my wall (laughs ☺). 

Q: Do you ever buy products and send them to other people? 

A: I love sending books and gifts to my family and friends. I expect them to arrive early, and it’s always better if they arrive the day of. 

Q: Have you ever had any problematic experiences with shipping?

A: Sometimes things are busted a little. My high top kitchen table has a ding in the side of the wood because it wasn’t packaged carefully or was damaged during the trip. I would say another problem has been ordering during the pandemic. The efficiency is much slower. I paid one company extra for fast shipping, but it ended up arriving even later than the regular shipping option. I  am nervous to ever buy from them again. The tracking information was not detailed enough and very slow. 

Q: How would you describe the connection between a shipping company and a customer? 

A: An invisible thread that matters greatly to both sides.

Q: What do you think could be done better when you order products? 

A: Definitely forming solid relationships with customers. Even just the first experience I have with a package determines my long-term relationship with a company. Every piece matters. The more detailed the tracking information is, the better. Some companies may not think this is important, but I truly do go online and check where the package is and where it’s headed. When gifts for others or important books related to work arrive on time, it can make or break my day. 

Q: What advantages could shipping companies be more aware of? 

A: The smoother the shipping experience, the happier the customer. We will return! 

Q: Anything else you’d like to add?

A: Every company has their unique values. These set them apart and make  me invested in their mission that aligns with my goals. The more personal, the closer I feel in forming a human connection with that company.