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Shipping statistics: welcome Analytics by ShippyPro


Data is the North Star that guides the path of every company. Some numbers are easier to find, others, however, remain a mystery to many. Particularly when it comes to logistics and shipping performance, companies often struggle to obtain information.

To support businesses in their evolution, we are now launching Analytics: a new premium ShippyPro tool where you can access statistics related to all your shipments. 

So let's enter the world of business intelligence applied to shipping data.

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A new dashboard, two coming soon

We are planning to release four data dashboards for the Analytics project: 

  1. Performance (available)
  2. Shipments
  3. Returns
  4. Revenue & Costs (new-in!) 

By clicking on every dashboard, you’ll be able to access the data from your own account.

Release no.1: metrics tracked with Analytics - Performance 

The first dashboard that is active and available to ShippyPro Analytics users is Performance. Within this area, it is possible to monitor shipping and delivery metrics like average transit time. 

Data can be filtered by courier, country or date. This allows you to analyse the performance of your logistics partners without the need to request this information externally. 

The grouping by country also makes it possible to immediately view the performance of international shipments and identify areas for improvement.

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Release no.2: metrics tracked with Analytics - Revenue & Costs

The second dashboard available to ShippyPro Analytics users is Revenue & Costs. 

The objective of this dashboard is to provide all merchants with information to compare costs and earnings, and optimise their shipping budget. 

Within this area, it’s possible to track and monitor metrics such as average order value or total shipment cost. 

Just like our Performance dashboard, it is possible to filter data by country, courier or for a specific time period.

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Critical KPIs for strategic decisions: Analytics advantages

Having shipping KPIs always just a few clicks away is a great advantage itself. But let's look in more detail at how Analytics can support a company in its day-to-day business.

Comprehensive and simplified visibility on data

All statistics and numbers have been put into tables and charts: this means that access to the data and trend analysis is simple and straightforward even for those with no background in data analysis. 

The data are downloadable and can therefore be easily used for internal reporting, significantly streamlining the task of retrieving these metrics. In fact, it is often necessary to request this information from individual couriers, which is indeed time-consuming.

Chance to improve delivery experience

Thanks to Analytics by ShippyPro you can improve the delivery experience for your customers. The available data enables you to provide your customers with more accurate and reliable estimates of delivery times from order fulfilment. 

This leads to a better consumer experience, and therefore to higher customer retention rates both domestically and internationally.

Shipping costs optimization 

Having an overview of all your logistics suppliers allows you to monitor shipping costs, avoid overcharges and optimise your shipping budget. 

You can monitor efficiency and costs per carrier so that you can steer your shipping strategy towards better value for money.

Data-driven shipping: a new Analytics approach 

Optimising shipping time and costs is a need that runs through all businesses, regardless of their size. 

With the launch of Analytics, here at ShippyPro we are ready to usher in an era of data-driven shipping to make the most of the resources available to each business.

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