Customer experience doesn’t stop at purchase. There are other important touchpoints that you shouldn’t forget about in order to turn a one-off customer into a repeat buyer. Making sure you’re keeping customers informed with email and SMS notifications will go a long way to improving the post-purchase experience. Utilize these methods to offer clear and concise updates on the shipping process to ensure users are kept informed at every step of their order’s journey. 

To build trust with your consumers, and convert one-time buyers into repeat customers, you need to have an effective shipping strategy. A 2019 study by Convey found that 84% of consumers are unlikely to shop with a brand again if they have one poor delivery experience, and that 98% of shoppers say that delivery impacts their brand loyalty.

A big part of any shipping strategy is email notifications to update customers on the status of their order. 82% of consumers stated that it’s important to them that retailers proactively communicate with them at every stage of their order, from fulfilment to delivery. It’s also important that different tracking methods are offered, as 45% of customers say they track their order with SMS, and 85% stay up-to-date via email.

Given the importance of a perfect delivery journey, we’ve put together

a guide on how to improve your e–commerce shipping strategy to instil trust in your customers, ease their anxieties about when their item will arrive, and turn them into loyal customers who will continue to shop with you for years to come.  Read more below!

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1. Customer notifications overview

Transactional emails & SMSs are sent to your customers after they complete a specific action on your site, for example, making a purchase. In this case, a purchase confirmation would be sent to the customer to confirm that their order is being processed. That’s not the only type of customer notifications, though! Let’s take a look at some other common ones you might want to send to your customers to improve their online experience.

1.1 Customer notifications during the purchasing phase

Order confirmation email

Did you know that order confirmation emails have an open rate of 70%? It’s important to send this email as soon as possible after the order has been placed to alleviate any doubts that your customer might have. This email should always contain a brief, but detailed, summary of the order.

Cart abandonment email

This isn’t technically a transactional email, since no transaction actually took place, but it’s a good opportunity to understand why the purchase wasn’t completed. You can also use this email to remind your customer that it’s not too late to buy those items, in case they just decided to come back to finish the transaction later.

This type of email is a good way to understand if customers have concerns about the cost of shipping, or if they’d prefer the option for local collection, for example. Asking for their feedback and perhaps offering a discount code can be a great way to turn the situation around and get them to complete the transaction.

1.2 Customer notification after purchase

Shipping notification

It’s always a good idea to let your customers know when their order has been shipped, with an expected delivery date. Include a prominent link to the tracking page so that customers can easily keep up-to-date with where their package is, and can immediately see if there are any issues with delivery.

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Feedback request

The customer journey doesn’t stop when they receive their order! Don’t forget to email them to encourage them to leave a review of their experience shopping with you. Provide a link for them to do so quickly and easily.

Actually the last 3 types of transactional emails can also be a great opportunity to encourage additional sales, and turn a one-time customer into a repeat customer. Repeat customers spend 300% more, and refer 50% more people, than one-time buyers do. Don’t be afraid to show your customers other products they might like or promote your bestsellers to them.

Among all these transactional emails, let’s have a closer look now on how to improve your customer delivery experience through shipping notifications.


2. Focusing on Shipping notifications

Quite simply, they’re updates about your customers’ order status, and are a vital part of your shipping strategy. Providing your customers with timely updates on the status of their delivery can go a long way towards turning them into satisfied customers. It was reported by Forbes that around 80% of a company’s future revenue comes from 20% of its existing customers. So it’s well worth putting a strategy in place that will keep customers coming back to your store time and time again.

We’ve all been in the position where we’ve ordered something online, and not been kept informed about when we can expect the order to arrive. It can cause a lot of unnecessary anxiety and stress! Sending notifications to your customers not only relieves this anxiety for them, but it can also protect you from complaints or claims that an order never arrived, as you’re sending proof at every step of the shipping journey.

How FedEx and ShippyPro can help you to manage shipping notifications

By integrating ShippyPro with your FedEx account, you’ll have a powerful set of tools at your fingertips to help you manage your shipping notifications, providing your customers with choice of managing their delivery schedule and keep them happy.


ShippyPro Track & Trace

ShippyPro Track & Trace allows you to control all your shipments from one easy-to-use dashboard. Inside the Platform, you can find a quick recap of your shipments. The tracking of your parcels is updated in real time for you and your customers.

From the Platform you will have access to useful statistics and analytics per status to better control your shipments. You can also hide an order, add a note and download an Excel of your shipments by selecting a specific Status.

With this feature it’s possible to filter the shipments by Status, Carrier, Marketplace and Departure Date. You can identify the late shipments, in order to send proactive notifications to your customers.

Managing your orders becomes easy and intuitive!

On top on this Track & Trace dashboard, you can go further on the delivery experience improvement, by accessing FedEx Delivery Manager service once you will have integrated a FedEx account.

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FedEx Delivery Manager

You want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to receive their orders, right? We know that your customers can’t always be at home on the intended date to receive deliveries. With FedEx Delivery Manager, they can choose a delivery date and location that suits them – at no extra cost!

Your customers will receive a shipping notification with the planned delivery date and a link to a secure portal. If the proposed delivery schedule isn’t suitable for your customer, they can request a change of delivery date and/or location in the portal. They can choose from a variety of options, so they can select the one that best fits their lifestyle. Available options include delivery to:

  • Another address
  • My address on another date
  • A neighbour
  • Pick-up point
  • My address as planned (provide additional instructions if required)
  • A safe place

FedEx Delivery Manager is a great tool, offering benefits for both you and your customers. As a business, it can help to boost customer satisfaction and increase loyalty. Customers know they can rely on your business to deliver their order safely, on a date/location that’s convenient for them. It also increases successful first-time deliveries, as customers can simply change the delivery schedule if they know they’re not going to be at home. What’s more, it helps to differentiate your business from competitors, at no extra cost.

For customers, it provides a convenient service as they can choose a delivery option to suit their lifestyle. They can easily stay up-to-date with the status of their order via email or SMS and they’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that their delivery is in safe hands.


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