In 2017, around 142.6 billion units of packaging was generated by the beauty sector. 40% of this was single use plastic. Think about it: how much of this packaging ends up in a landfill?

By 2023, plastic packaging in the beauty industry must contain at least 50% recycled material. Beauty companies are increasingly changing their products to not only fit the label “organic,” but are also aiming to decrease their amount of waste produced by packaging, shipping, labels, boxes, and plastic.

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Especially when a brand is considered a “luxury brand,” many of these companies take the easy way out: focusing on excess without the consequences. These large companies selling tens of millions of products are some of the top groups that can work to combat packaging waste. But every company can do both. Be green and be chic.

Things to consider for packaging Sustainability

  1. Use refillable metal compact cases. A great example is lipstick. Over time, you’re eliminating the amount of plastic wrapped in certain products you buy.
  1. Just because a method is “ingrained” in your business model doesn’t mean it’s the environmentally-friendly way. Be open to change and thinking of creative solutions.
  1. You may not see the immediate return on investment—but just wait. With every new generation mindsets are shifting. In the near future, customers will become more and more unlikely to buy products centered around a ridiculous amount of packaging waste. Hop on board now. Your company will thank you in the future.
  1. Just because a beauty product says “Recyclable” doesn’t mean it is. If even just one ingredient is not able to be recycled, the product will not be recycled.
  1. Consider using glass packaging for products instead of plastic. Glass requires less energy lost by the environment. The caveat of this is that glass packaging usually weighs more, costing more for shipping. With companies such as ShippyPro, you can minimize shipping costs and send products in bulk. We offset sneaky product fees and help you manage your shipments, tracking, and returns with no stress.
  1. Good rule of thumb: The outside of a beauty product’s packaging should be able to beat the natural ingredients in the actual product.
  1. Consider distributing a part of company funds towards rebuilding rainforests and cleaning up the ocean. If we’re not even here in the future, how will our companies still be standing?
  1. People are waking up to the environmental revolution. Greta Thunberg would agree that we are in crisis. The time is not tomorrow, but now.

While a product can be non-GMO, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and avoid over 30 “toxic” ingredients, a product’s packaging can tell another story. There will almost always be a negative impact on the environment through material creations, but we can minimize these effects as much as possible through company leadership.

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ShippyPro and sustainability

At ShippyPro, we are constantly working on reducing our ecological footprint with a sustainable mindset, a paperless policy in our office and reforestation activities.

Through simplicity and innovation, we want shipping to not only be accessible for everyone, but for it to make our planet a more connected place.

We will continue to lead with a clean, green mindset for our partners and our customers to come. Will you join us in the sustainability revolution?

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