We all know when Halloween ends, shipping gets down to the wire for the holiday season. These next few months will most likely be your busiest months of orders, but there are steps you can take to ensure your company is ready. Some things to think about: 

• Can you communicate with your customers more effectively?
• How can you compete with other companies? 
• Have you researched the trends of the next two months are? 

November and December are known as being the most difficult months for companies due to e–commerce orders exceeding their preparation levels and inventory. 

Customers are more interested at this time; the shipping curve always  increases. How prepared do you feel? Are you offering the best sales and discounts to catch customers’ eyes? Any unique incentives? 

Think of ShippyPro as your sweet shipping solution. We minimize your stress while providing ease and reliability. Our innovation combined with simplicity allows you to fulfill all your orders and make your customers content they’ve received their packages in time, whether for gifts or necessities around the house for the holidays. 

Imagine you have a customer ordering a winter scarf for their mother.  You want that scarf to arrive as quick as possible and also be able to track its arrival. ShippyPro gives you the option to create shipping labels, which also means your customer can track their delivery. Both sides of the shipping equation are happy. 

Other ShippyPro features

• Bulk Tracking & Updating: you can bundle all your deliveries together for easier shipping service. 

• Shipping Rate Calculator 

• Automated Packing List 

• Schedule Pickups 

• Dropshipping Business Management 

Easily put, we are: 

Simple. Fast. Reliable. 

ShippyPro is leading the e–commerce integration market with 60+ Sales Channels and 120+ Carriers integrated.

So while you’re eating leftover Halloween candy today or beginning to get out a few holiday decorations, think about how you can empower your company and your customers with a more effective shipping process.

Here at ShippyPro we believe this invisible connection between merchant and brand or delivery and customers is more important than ever. One faulty shipping and a customer may never return. The more you guarantee safe, reliable shipping, the more your customers will trust your brand and be back to stock up on all  those holiday goodies. 

The emotion connected to shipping is often underrated. A customer’s first physical encounter with your brand begins when their package arrives. Don’t  take a chance on iffy shipping. Guarantee your customers’ joy that comes with receiving a package. That moment of delivery is everything.

To get all of this real, register now to ShippyPro! You can take advantage of 500 free shipments for 30 days. Hurry up, it’s a limited offer.