This fourth Report in our series of Reports of the Covid-19 impacts on consumers’ behavior and online shopping highlights the disruptive outcomes of the pandemic in 30 markets across the world and compares the results between Amazon Prime countries and non-Amazon Prime countries.

Platforms such as Amazon have played a critical role in the Covid-19 driven acceleration of e–commerce over the last year and have reshaped consumption over the holiday season.

After providing the results for December 2020, a focus on the full year results is provided before examining the e–commerce perspectives and outlook for 2021.

December 2020: New Holiday season normal

We picture the most recent trends by further analyzing the online shopping holiday season that was covered by our first three Reports. In this section we provide statistics of e–commerce shipments volume growth during December 2020 compared to 2019:

  • 2020 December e–commerce volume growth vs 2019 (Non-Amazon Prime Countries)
  • 2020 December e–commerce volume growth vs 2019 (Amazon Prime Countries)
2020 December e–commerce volume growth vs 2019 (Amazon Prime Countries)
Italy (with a 54.6% Year-on-Year growth), Canada (with 52.0%) and the US (with 46.8%) ranks at the top among Amazon Prime countries in terms of growth rates when comparing December 2020 to December 2019 e–commerce volumes.

2020: a pivotal year for e–commerce development

The year 2020 will be remembered as the greatest accelerator of e– commerce ever and a real start of a new era for retail. You can see useful statistics regarding:

  • Top 6 markets with a Year-on-Year Growth Rate above 30%
  • Top 8 Markets with a Year-on-Year Growth Rate above 20%
  • 2020 Full year e–commerce growth vs 2019 (Non-Amazon Prime Countries)
  • 2020 Full year e–commerce growth vs 2019 (Amazon Prime Countries)

2021 e–commerce outlook and perspectives in transition to the post-Covid-19 normal

The year 2021 will most likely correspond to the first, and hopefully last, transition year towards the post-Covid-19 normal. Considering the impact of Covid-19 restrictions on e–commerce growth, we have been modeling this transition in order to release our e–commerce predictions for the year 2021 according to three possible scenarios. Find out more about:

  • Predictions of YoY growth in European Countries, US, Canada depending on the end of mobility restrictions
  • 2021 e–commerce performances vs 2020 (Amazon Prime Countries)
  • 2021 e–commerce performances vs 2020 (Non–Amazon Prime Countries)

Preparing for more online shopping surges and the return to offline shopping

While capturing more e–commerce customers will be key in the first half of 2021, we may see a focus on customer retention campaigns towards the end of the year.

To prepare, e–commerce companies need to adjust their strategy according to their target audience and find ways to keep consumers coming back to their sites.

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This is the 4th of a series of Reports conducted by UPIDO and ShippyPro. Discover the e–commerce sales trends and the e–commerce shipping volume growth for December 2020 and what we can expect during 2021.

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Data source & Methodology

The outcomes of this research rely on UPIDO proprietary Internet search indicators on online shopping and parcel delivery methods. Search and delivery data were collected daily covering the period ranging from 1st January 2019 until 22nd January 2021. On this basis, a series of indicators were built and tested according to UPIDO methodology in order to provide a reliable measurement and monitoring system regarding the evolution of consumers’ preferences for the online and offline channels respectively. Robustness checks with other sources of information have also been successfully conducted so as to confirm the high reliability of the indicators.