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The brand new integration for fashion is now available: welcome Yoox!

Yoox - fashion marketplace

We always strive to provide you with the best partner in each field. When we think of the fashion industry, there are many names that come to mind, but there is one that has recently become something unique.

It is hard to think of a nicer present for our ShippyProers than an integration like that with the most powerful and glamorous marketplace in the fashion industry: Yoox.

Specialising exclusively in the sale of luxury and premium branded products, Yoox is the world's leading online fashion shop, with over 5000 brands available, and visibility in over 180 countries. The perfect partner to expand the boundaries of your fashion store.

What is Yoox: the idea and the early days in a garage

Founded by Federico Marchetti in the year 2000, Yoox is now one of the world's best-known e-commerce sites for luxury clothing and accessories. A few years after its birth, the company created by Marchetti joined forces with another important European company, Net-A-Porter, to form the YNAP group, creating a true colossus of the fashion ecommerce sector. 

The idea behind Yoox? Marchetti, originally from Ravenna, after years in the States, decided to return to Italy to found and launch his start-up. He set himself the challenge of overturning an established concept, namely Italy being the leading country in the creation of high-fashion products, and the third largest consumer in the world. Hence the idea of focusing on unsold goods and creating a sort of giant online outlet for luxury brands. 

Yoox was born literally in a garage, in the province of Bologna at the end of 1999 and there its adventure began. It was an upstream choice of its founder, who was determined to become a 'digital' entrepreneur just as the net economy was collapsing and the investors, so keen to finance any type of start-up dealing with the Internet, were cutting their investments. A bold and far-sighted choice we can safely say today.

What about the name? Yoox has a pretty precise meaning. X and Y represent men's and women's DNA genes, and the two “O”s in the middle represent the binary code and, therefore, the connection of the company with modern technology.

What are the main features of Yoox?

  • Wide variety of products for a superior shopping experience
  • Total control over the final price
  • Real-time access to sales statistics
  • Internationalisation: millions of active consumers worldwide

Who can sell on Yoox? 

Selling on Yoox is possible only after going through a tough selection process. The platform is only open to brands that rank in the top 100 fashion companies worldwide, but lately, boutiques are also allowed to sell, provided they offer high-end products.

Manufacturers who fall into this classification can also rely on Yoox to sell their remaining stock, which they would otherwise have difficulty disposing of without having an outlet shop or other costly solutions. In any case, it would be difficult for them to achieve the worldwide visibility that Yoox already provides.

The main product categories are:

  • Clothing 
  • Jewellery and Watches
  • Bags and Accessories
  • Home Decor Art

The singularity of Yoox lies in its ability to house a gigantic quantity of exclusive and sought-after products from all over the world: the collections of the most prestigious brands and designers, but also works of art, and rare or antique objects.

How does the Yoox affiliate program work? 

Yoox offers a unique service that allows sellers to earn a percentage of sales. It is completely free of charge but is only available to those who have a website of their own.

In fact, affiliates have the possibility of placing a link (with a tracking code) directly connected to the Yoox platform.

In this way, for every user coming from the affiliate's site who completes a purchase on Yoox, the latter will receive a commission on the order. In addition, affiliates are also entitled to expanded content on their own site: Yoox already offers all instructions and material such as banners, a catalogue, and the link with the tracking code, which is needed to get started.

So what should an aspiring Yoox affiliate do?

  • Register for the affiliate programme at this link
  • Read the rules on the use of permitted keywords for advertising: certain keywords and types of campaigns (such as PPC) are prohibited. In the event of non-compliance with these rules, there might be sanctions, revocation of affiliation and commissions received. At this link, you will find out more
  • Finally, insert links to the Yoox page on your site.

How much does selling on Yoox cost?

Yoox offers a subscription of 50 euros per month plus VAT, payable from the first order placed. In addition, it withholds a commission that may differ according to the product category of reference for each sale made. All logistics costs are always paid by the merchant.

Yoox manages each transaction by paying the merchant three times a month by bank transfer: approximately at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of the month.

Today selling on Yoox means distributing your product catalogue on one of the most important fashion and luxury sites in the world. What are you waiting for?

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