What are the partners that support merchants in their ecommerce online shipments? Discover in our article everything you need to know about Carriers, services and delivery options.

All entrepreneurs, large or small, know that product quality or excellent after-sales customer service is not enough to sell items online, but it is necessary to structure and manage a smooth shipping process.

And to offer this type of process you have to rely on partners that allow you to satisfy every need, from fast and safe shipments to sustainable packaging.

For example, you could rely on insurance partners if you want to ship valuable packages without taking risks. Or on software that helps you print hundreds of shipping labels in one click, such as ShippyPro.

Types of ecommerce shipping companies

Let’s explore in depth our focus and discover the different types of companies that support merchants at all stages of the shipping process.

Carriers Partners for ecommerce companies

If you want to ship to Italy and all over the world you can’t help but choose one or more Carriers that guarantee the best conditions for you and your customers.

Now let’s take a quick overview of some of the most popular Carriers:

  • UPS: this Carrier boasts over a century of history and today has 495,000 employees who transport goods to 220 Countries by road, rail, sea and sky. UPS has partnered with Amazon regarding the Partnered Carrier Program: FBA shipments are handled by Amazon together with this Carrier, which guarantees fast deliveries.
  • FedEx: Carrier with around 50,000 collaborators and an air fleet of 70 aircrafts. It mainly works in the European market (its headquarters are in the Netherlands), but also in the United States and in the rest of the world. 
  • DHL: this shipping company was founded in 1969 in San Francisco and became German in 1998, after the acquisition by Deutsche Post. DHL employs 380,000 people who deliver over 1.5 billion packages every year.
  • USPS: this Carrier operates in the U.S.A. thanks to over 630,000 operators.
  • Royal Mail: British postal company with over 500 years of history, it held the monopoly of UK shipments until 2006.

In the previous list you can find some big international operators, but if you want to ship packages to Italy you could rely on Carriers specialized in national shipments such as:

However, shipping is just a link in the logistics chain

In order to offer a service that meets the needs of increasingly demanding customers, you have to manage a large number of orders in a short time. Keep reading to discover how to do it with a partner like ShippyPro.

Ecommerce shipping and label printing software

ShippyPro supports merchants from all over the world in the shipping and management process and after sales assistance of their orders. 

If you own a growing ecommerce, you should consider a shipping software like ShippyPro. This way you can benefit from many advantages, including:

  • Print hundreds of shipping labels in one click
  • Offer delivery options that can be easily consulted by the customer during Checkout
  • Easily track shipped orders  
  • Manage returns without problems

So far we took for granted that you have a warehouse to store your products and prepare them for shipment, but if you don’t?

Let’s take a look at the dropshipping service offered by an e-commerce partner like Printful.

Services for order fulfillment

Even the biggest businesses started from scratch. And maybe you had a great intuition to sell products online, but you may find yourself without the resources to supply and manage a warehouse to allow your idea to take off.

Don’t worry: Printful, a platform specialized in dropshipping, comes to your aid. The dropshipping is the online sales even without physically owning a storage warehouse.

Pagina Home sito Printful

With Printful you can design, print and then create t-shirts, jackets, pants, mugs and other items. This company, born in 2013 but grown very quickly, also takes care of shipping.

In short, Printful is the perfect partner for making and shipping handmade items to sell on marketplaces such as Etsy or Ebay

If you are very careful about choices and aware that these affect consumer behavior, don’t miss our next tip: Packwire, a partner for making your own customized e-commerce shipping boxes.

Services for ecommerce packaging

Are the boxes you use to ship your products too big? Are they anonymous and not very colorful?

If you want to pay the utmost attention to aspects that are only apparently less important in the shopping experience, such as shape, size, material and color of the package the customer will receive, you can take a look at Packwire. 

Pagina Home sito Packwire

With Packwire you can customize your packaging with a 3D design to have a clear and immediate image of the package you will use for your e-commerce shipments.

Moreover, many buyers appreciate the use of eco-sustainable envelopes and packages. If you want to give your business a green footprint, read the story of Noissue, a company specialized in sustainable packaging. 

Let’s now analyze another service that can help you a lot in developing your brand. 

Services for insured ecommerce shipments

During a shipment, something can go wrong and to avoid problems, especially in the case of expensive items, you could stipulate insurance.

But some insurance solutions are only valid for certain types of products or destinations.

An alternative is to choose customized options as those offered by Cabrella, an insurance company to ship artworks, electronics, clothes and much more without worries.

Pagina Home sito Cabrella

We have seen that managing an ecommerce means working as a team.

As in a team there are different roles but the whole team works to achieve an optimal result, in the world of online shipping a good idea or sufficient budget is not enough. In fact, you need the collaboration of reliable Carriers and additional services, one for each stage of the logistic process.

Now we have to analyze what are the shipping options and what to do when a customer decides to return an article.

The best online shipping options for ecommerce

2 Days Delivery

Fast deliveries (if not very fast) are the new standard for increasingly demanding customers, at least since Amazon has prominently entered our lives. 

Offering a shipment that arrives in 2 working days can be difficult for small brands, but it is also a great opportunity to satisfy and retain the buyer.   

Same day Shipping

In some cases, you could even offer same day delivery.This option can be easily managed only if the recipient is nearby or if you (or one of your collaborators) take care of the delivery, without the need for a Carrier.

Needless to say, if 2 days delivery is already a remarkable “plus”, with same day delivery your customers will fall in love with you and will be happy to buy from you again.

1 Business day shipping

Even this type of shipping requires a big commitment. It represents a promise difficult to keep for small and medium ecommerce companies, but more and more Carriers help brands from all over the world to deliver in 1 working day, at least for short distances.

Standard delivery

Customers who are not in a hurry to receive their order but prefer to save on shipping could choose a standard shipping service.

Especially for international shipments with high costs, a standard delivery is a good compromise chosen by many buyers today. 

Express Shipping

This definition refers to any shipping option faster than the standard one, even without the levels of excellence reached by a 1-day or 2-days delivery. 

It is an option that a small ecommerce can handle without  problems and avoids unpleasant situations such as cart abandonment by potential customers frightened by long shipping times. 

International shipping

If you want your ecommerce to grow more and more, you should think about reaching customers from all over the world.

We already mentioned that Carriers such as UPS or FedEx can be excellent partners for shipping abroad.

Their widespread presence in over 200 countries allows you to ship anywhere!   

Heavy Items Shipping

This type of shipment is mostly used to supply the warehouse of an e-commerce or to send large quantities of products to Carriers that will take care of the final delivery. 

Locker Pickup

Among the shipping options, there is one becoming very popular: the possibility to pick up the purchased product in a Locker point.

Amazon represents a model even in this case and we can often see its Lockers inside shopping centers, at gas stations or tobacco shops.


In-store delivery

Customers always on the go may decide to pick up an item in store. Many large chains such as MediaWorld, OVS or Decathlon already offer this service.  

If you have one or more physical stores in addition to the online store, you could offer in-store delivery, the so-called “click & collect”.

We talked about various types of fast deliveries, but how to ensure that order fulfillment is just as fast? And that even returns, which can occur, do not turn into a waste of time? Keep reading to discover our tips and the support that ShippyPro can offer you.

How to save time on ecommerce shipments and returns

Use an automatic shipping label creator

With ShippyPro’s Label Creator feature you no longer have to print your waybills and shipping labels one by one.

You just have to import all your orders on the ShippyPro platform and print your labels in one click. You will save time to devote to sales, marketing and customer service, and your packages will arrive at their destination even earlier than expected.

Offer automatic updates to customers and avoid help request emails

If you don’t want to receive help or complaint emails from customers wondering where their order is, beat them to the punch!   

Thanks to Track & Trace you can track each shipment from a single interface and send notifications for any change in the status of the order.

In this way, both you and your customers will sleep soundly: you will no longer receive worried emails, and they will know where their order is at all times.  

Offer the online management of returns and the printing of the return label

Turn returns from problems into opportunities with ShippyPro’s Easy Return feature.

Customers can easily request the return online: they will receive the instructions you have set up and will be able to print the return label of the selected Carrier. 

And remember: if the return experience is positive, buyers will be more willing to buy again on your ecommerce.

Try ShippyPro for free, the ideal partner for shipments!