Are ecommerce returns a problem? In today’s article you will find out how to manage them effectively, in order to avoid headaches and help your customers return unwanted items. 

Let’s start immediately with a brief overview of what it means to deal with returns every day.

The challenges of ecommerce returns management

Among all the emails that a merchant receives, return requests are certainly the most difficult to answer: it is necessary to meet buyers’ requests without losing sight of the objectives of your business.

Above all, you must define your return policy paying attention to the cost, the management and the effectiveness of the return process. 

If you want a return to not be a problem but an opportunity for you and your customers, you must have a clear idea of who manages it: yourself in case of a small ecommerce? A team member in case of a more structured company? 

Not only that: you need to tell your customer if he will pay the return shipment or if you will offer it.  

Finally: is the return process easy to understand? What are the steps the buyer has to follow to return a product?  

How to improve your ecommerce returns management

As we said, there are many aspects to consider. But what is more important, as testified by these statistics on ecommerce returns, is that more and more people are returning their online purchases. 

Returns are now an issue that you cannot avoid throughout the year and no longer just after the holidays. This is why we decided to describe in detail some best practices to adopt right off also in your business. 

The time has come to find out how to manage your ecommerce returns in an easy, fast and convenient way for you and your customers. 

Here are our tips, read on! 

Choose an ecommerce returns software to automate the process

If it is impossible to manage returns one by one with customized emails, you should consider automated solutions that allow you to save time. 

In fact, as your ecommerce grows, returns will increase and if you are not ready to face them you risk having unsatisfied customers who will leave negative feedback because they couldn’t ship the return or they had to pay a high cost. 

The first step to improve returns management is to use a software that automates the entire return process. 

ShippyPro allows you to plan your reverse logistics from A to Z, from return rules to the printing of shipping labels.

At this point you need to sit down and set up your return policy. 

Clear and flexible rules: the return policy of your ecommerce  

Which products can be returned? All of them or only those starting from a certain price? 

And also, within how many days can your customers return their products? 15 days? 30 days? You need to set a time limit for returns and clearly communicate it to your customers in order to avoid a lot of headaches. 

time limit

Then you have to decide whether to accept returns only from Italy, from all over Europe or even from the rest of the world, but this aspect must be established in advance and with particular attention to the costs of your business. 

Now, let’s try to understand how to share these rules with your customers.   

Communicate your return policy to your customers  

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes for a minute and try to retrace through his shopping experience

Visit your website and social media just like a first-time customer: would you be interested in buying a product, would you immediately understand the possibility of making a return? Does your website have a FAQs section for return rules?  Is there information about returns in the footer of the home page or on the product page?

If you bought an item, which post-sales emails would you receive? Does at least one of these describe return rules in detail? 

Make sure every customer, from the most loyal to those who have never heard your brand before, know what they will have to face if they decide to return a purchase that did not meet their expectations. 

Allow customers to print their return labels 

Try again to identify yourself with one of your customers. You bought a much desired object but, after receiving it, you realized that is not the size, color or shape you imagined. 

Only after opening the package you understood that you will not use or wear it, and you have no one to give it to.  

In short, the only solution to not leaving it in a corner to collect dust is to return it, but you feel faint just thinking about understanding how to do it.

This is the kind of situation your customer might find himself in. Luckily for you, a tool like ShippyPro allows you to send him the return label ready to be printed

The return becomes very easy and in a few days you will have your product back in stock, ready to be relisted. 

Offer tracking and help your customers monitor return status

Offering the tracking service for your returns may seem a marginal aspect, less important than those listed so far. 

Actually, it allows you to monitor all the steps of reverse logistics and the customer to check (independently) that the purchased article return to the sender without problems. 

In the case of expensive items, it is easy to understand how the tracking of the return is essential to minimize the economic and time loss

Are you ready to automate the return process? 

If your ecommerce sales increase you will have to deal with an increasing number of returns. 

The most effective way to offer a unique experience to your customers, even capable of improving their opinion towards your brand and generating new sales, is to use ShippyPro Easy Return.

With this feature you will be able to:

  1. Manage returns in a fast and error-proof way thanks to a customized portal to integrate on your website. 
  2. Reassure your customers with clear return rules and a process made up of simple steps (for example, the printing of the return label in just one click).
  3. Monitor your return statistics, filtering data for example by return reason or type of product. 
  4. Focus on selling your products and forget once and for all the e-mails of those wanting to make a return but not knowing where to start. 

With ShippyPro Easy Return ecommerce returns will no longer be a problem! Try it now for free.