Are you prepared for this 2020 peak season? Be ready to catch the e–commerce wave and offer the best delivery experience for each of your customers!

Catch the wave of Peak Season

Peak season is approaching fast, and this year it will be a different year. Covid-19 impact changed the habits of thousands of consumers and retail industry dynamics. You can expect an increase of your e–commerce sales: a wave of orders you really have to handle! 

Here at ShippyPro we want to help you get ready to offer an outstanding shipping experience for your customers. In this Content Hub you will find everything you need to forecast your peak season growth opportunity, and optimize your e–logistic strategy. Take advantage of free resources & special offers for you! 

2020 Peak Season insights

Before the pandemic, bricks and mortar stores were the primary method of shopping. Today e–commerce has become the primary sales channel for most people.

That’s why this holidays sales are predicted to be consistent. According to Deloitte, e–commerce holiday sales are expected to generate between $182 billion and $196 billion!

Peak Season content infographic

Check out our blog post topics to empower your shipping management and grow massively during this peak season!

Peak Season ShippyPro Content Hub

1. Peak Season: forecast market volume growth 2020

Let’s start with strategic trends and useful numbers: take advantage of a complete overview of the 2020 e–commerce market with clear forecasts to drive your sales expectations.

2. Why e–logistic is so strategic to face your Peak Season

Learn how to plan your e–commerce logistics strategy to succeed in the orders’ peak. What you can do to offer an optimized delivery experience? Read more to find it out!

3. Successful e–commerce stories to inspire you 

Get inspired by many successful e–commerce stories and ride the wave of your increasing orders by implementing best practices from successful online brands!

4. Cross-border shipping guide: start your international e–commerce strategy

Are you looking to accelerate your international growth during this peak season? Discover how to reach more customers with an international shipping strategy.

Automation is the key to catch the e–commerce wave

How to be sure to capture the biggest opportunity of the year? Shipping automation it’s the best solution for your e–commerce.

Indeed, 61% of worldwide retailers will have a fully digitalised supply chain by 2025! (University of Warwick Survey, March-April 2020). Start to optimize your work process and satisfy all customer requests!

ShippyPro is the platform created to automate shipments and allow your company to ship all your orders faster than ever. We care about our customers and we know that merchants worldwide are experimenting new ways to stay productive. That’s why we reserved a really special offer to all our new customers:

500 free orders to test the most advanced shipping features on the market!