Implementing shipping automation in your e–commerce will speed up the entire process, so you can save time and increase your profits.

With the automation of your online business shipments, you can focus on selling more and expanding your business.

ShippyPro software allows you to automate this process and manage it from the same panel. This way you will save, on average, about 12 hours and about € 120 per week.

Today we will explain what shipping automation is and the advantages that your online business can benefit from.

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What is shipping automation

We can define shipping automation as the process by which the tasks that are carried out manually are carried out using a software. This saves time, minimizes errors and increases the number of shipments that can be handled at one time.

There are different types of software that can be used to automate shipments. For example, online tracking software can be used to send shipping notifications.

The tracking software will automatically send notifications to your customers about the status of their order.

There are also more complete software that help you automate the entire shipping process and manage it through the same panel. These are the ones that you should include in your shipping strategy.

By implementing this strategy in your e–commerce, you would benefit from different advantages. Some of these are:

  • Save time and money in the shipping process 
  • Increase the number of logistics operations that your e–commerce can manage 
  • Implement a post-shipment marketing campaign focused on reselling products

Let’s see each advantage in more detail.

Label Creator: automate shipments and save time with labels

As we mentioned, one of the advantages of automating shipments is saving time in the process. You can easily achieve this by using a tool to create multiple shipping labels at the same time.

ShippyPro Label Creator

This tool allows you to create shipping labels in one click and speed up order fulfillment.

By automating shipments you can benefit from several advantages.

For example:

1. Management of orders through a platform. From the same panel you can manage the purchases that your customers make in all your Sales Channels and manage orders of all your Carriers.

All your orders are automatically updated so you can dedicate that time to selling more.

2. Comparison of Carriers and rates. For each shipment you have to make, ShippyPro compares the rates of all the shipping companies available in your account so that you can choose the best option.

In addition, depending on the destination, you can add filters for Carriers and select the ones that adapt to the needs of each order. This way you can speed up order fulfillment while saving money.   

3. Create labels with Label Creator. Print multiple shipping labels at the same time and save up to 40 minutes a day.

Track & Trace: automate shipping notifications

Another advantage of shipping automation is that you can use a tracking software to keep your customers informed. 

You just have to customize a tracking program for your e–commerce orders and the software will send a notification to your customer about his order. 

ShippyPro Track&Trace

And what are the advantages?

1. Solve any problems your client may have. 93% of online shoppers ask where their order is (known as WISMO, for its acronym in English). Giving them an answer ensures improved customer experience by offering help in real time.

In other words, with shipping automation you can offer an almost immediate solution to any problem related to an order. 

2. Track each order with Track & Trace. Manage the performance of each Carrier by tracking orders.

With this you will have greater control over deliveries and you will be able to give your customers more detailed information about their purchase. 

3. Automatic tracking notifications. Keep your customers informed at all times about the status of their order. This will reduce the complaints your e–commerce receives.

Set your Shipping Rules

If you want to ship your orders quickly and with a few clicks, you can set up the Shipping Rules from your ShippyPro dashboard.

You can create a new Rule and enable it for all your orders or for a specific source, such as a Marketplace or a Carrier.

For example, you can decide to use a specific Carrier for a given Marketplace: all you need to do is to select this Shipping Rule from the Settings on your panel.

Besides, you can enable the Rule:

  • By Country, choosing the ones you want to include
  • By weight, setting the weight (kg) range in which your orders must be included
  • By order value
  • By amount paid for the shipment
  • By tax code

Once you have set up your Shipping Rules you will be able to ship your orders in bulk, keeping the filters you have selected.

Multi–carrier shipping API

If you want to further optimize your shipments, the right choice is to use the ShippyPro API.

ShippyPro APIs are the easiest way to integrate your system with over 120 Carriers around the world.

ShippyPro API is the perfect solution to get all your systems (OMS, WMS, POS, ERP and many others) to communicate with your Carriers with only one easy API integration. This way you’ll keep your user experience inside your platform.

The most used API requests are:

  • GET RATES: Get Rates allows you to get the rates of all your carriers ordered by price with just one simple API Request. The response will also include estimated delivery days.
  • SHIP: Ship allows you to generate labels according to your label settings for any supported carriers.
  • GET RATES: With this API you can track your shipments and get notified to a webhook whenever your shipment receives a new status.

If you need something more for your business, we offer you an Advanced API system to improve the delivery experience and make the most of each shipment.

Marketing: post-shipment campaigns 

Implementing a post-shipment marketing campaign is another advantage of shipping automation.

The open rate of tracking emails is one of the highest. Between 75% and 80% of customers will open that email.

For this reason it is one of the best ways to connect with your customers.

ShippyPro Tools

By sending an email with a delivery notification software you can:

1. Make an upsell and cross-sell. Increase your billing through a tracking email and make an upsell or cross-sell.

2. Include banners and special discounts. With a tool like Track & Trace you can focus your tracking emails on the resale of products. Inform your customers of the offers available in your e–commerce for them.

The Track & Trace dashboard breaks down all the information about the order status. You can also customize it and include: 

  • Products related to the customer’s purchase
  • Newsletter registration
  • The latest updates from your social networks

ShippyPro: the intelligent automation of shipments for your e-commerce

Shipping automation has several advantages that your e-commerce can benefit from.

  • Increase the number of orders you can manage per day 
  • Save time each week so you can focus on selling
  • Improve the shopping experience of your customers

Implement shipping automation intelligently with ShippyPro.

Benefíciate de las ventajas del software de ShippyPro.

Our software allows you to manage shipments, returns and tracking notifications with a single click from the same platform.

By automating your e–commerce shipments with the ShippyPro software, you will benefit from:

  • Savings of about 12 hours a week
  • 88% fewer errors in order management 
  • Savings of around 120 euros per week 
  • 65% less time to create documents for your shipments

What are you waiting for? Automate your shipments intelligently: with Shippy Pro each delivery is an opportunity for a new sale.